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April 2007
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Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Be there…tonight I’m addressing dropouts…it’s like advanced training and a professor putting in time and energy , then you have the dumbasses who fart and sleep in class, come up with all kinds of excuses why they cant do this that and the other, what’s wrong with the class, teacher, etc.  Then you have . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Audio Scripts ?

I have received audio scripts from a prolific sissy and would like some creative and graphic xxx rated scripts for our new audio site.  Chastity, tease and denial, humiliation, cuckold, domination, etc….

If I decide to use your script, edited or not, I’ll send you a copy of the mp3.

nancy anne is . . . → Read More: Audio Scripts ?

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

The topic tonight will be the zipper. Join us at 10:00pm eastern in the community kink chatroom.

Tomorrow Is Blue Balls Monday

Join Ms. Sarah and Me tomorrow night in the community kink chatroom at 10:00pm eastern. 

It’s been a busy week.  vodka terry aka cl#20 is out of the cage and on the honor system.  he was allowed out on a date today to have sex but not cum, and he did it.  . . . → Read More: Tomorrow Is Blue Balls Monday

An Ass To Die For :=0

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s cl#24 after his shopping trip with Ms Angelica!!!!!!

I had a very intense CBT session with Mistress Angelica.  I told her, that I wasn’t sure which was worse.  Being locked up without being able to stroke or being brought to the edge to be locked back up.  I NOW know….. MUCH . . . → Read More: An Ass To Die For :=0

Look Who Came Crawling Back; It's CL#24

Last night, Ms. Sarah threw humiliation around like turning water into wine, and as the story goes, these male creatures all came running to scavenge up the “bread” .  It was a very fun chat ,and who comes sauntering in but the  grovelling, wimpering, whining, CL#24 who disappeared weeks ago without a trace, . . . → Read More: Look Who Came Crawling Back; It's CL#24

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Join Ms Sarah an Me in the :

chatroom at 7:00pm pacific.  Bring your chastity questions, opinions, and experiences.  Topics of cockcontrol, orgasm denial, and other goodies are addressed.

Call specials tonight $3.00 for both of us teasing the hell out of you.

nancyanne is on her 16th day of denial!  Go . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

A Pearl Of A Girl

Cool Slideshows

Yes…My little michelle! Don’t forget, tomorrow is Blue Balls Monday!. See you there at 10 pm eastern!

Coming Soon!!! New Chastity Site

Never a dull night in Hollywood.  As I write this the toxic squad is outside gathering toxic chemicals from the 3rd floor.  Some fucktard had a designer drug factory.  I saw his sorry ass being carted away by the heat earlier. Dumb ass could have blown up the building.

Soon the new site . . . → Read More: Coming Soon!!! New Chastity Site

Meet miss v

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