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May 2007
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New Cam Slut In A Cocklock

I have a very sexy big dicked boy locked up for Me now. He’s locked for only a week, very first time.  CL#30.  He’s a delightful pain slut as well, nippleclamps, candlewax, a flogger, huge xmas tree butt plug.  We are starting out slow, as I believe it must be.  I made him blast, eat . . . → Read More: New Cam Slut In A Cocklock

Janie Sucks; BB Monday


Meet janie.  I had a great call with this dildo sucking slut .  Need I say more?? Listen to her audio sucking a Mistresses dildo. Join us tonight for blue balls Monday in the humiliation chat room, janie.  We really want to out you there.  janie and I chatted about alot of humiliating . . . → Read More: Janie Sucks; BB Monday


The Lovely Andrea Priya

Doesn’t she have a figure to die for?  she loves her stretch jeans and wigs, however I make her go to the mall without the wig as she’s way too passable as a girl.  It’s more fun to have everyone look at the sissy.

she doesn’t do well in denial, so what I . . . → Read More: The Lovely Andrea Priya

Charlotte Sometimes

sissy charlotte has become less military and more creative in her photos.  Here is one sissy that loves a cocklock.  As soon as I add more ram to My machine I’ll put her up in picture trails.  In the spirit of sissy denial here is another poem by “THE” belinda blue balls.

Mistress Cassandra, dressed . . . → Read More: Charlotte Sometimes

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

It’s that Monday again.  Tease and denial, chastity, humiliation, keyholding Monday with Ms Sarah and Me.

I’m writing a new audio for member’s site.  It will be a fun twist for all of you Catholic boys, lapsed Catholics, and Ms. Sarah because She has a pvc nun’s costume.  I’m a lapsed Catholic and . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

One Month Orgasm denial, belinda blue balls lives!

Call Me a “hard on”……vodka terry did not do the assignment….very simple: you get to cum again if you get a pretty pink Barbie ensemble, especially gingham or searsucker with a large hat and sunglasses, to dress My penis up !

Also I wanted My boy to find his dice…he did not.

It’s . . . → Read More: One Month Orgasm denial, belinda blue balls lives!

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Join Ms Sarah and Me for another hour of blue ball humiliation, 10:00pm eastern in the humiliation chat room.  Be there!

I hope all followed My instruction of no cumming this weekend.  I turned the tables and on the last 2 min of My call with vodka terry, let him cum. 

I’ll be posting . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Denial Post: No One Cums Today! :)

If you happen to stumble upon this post by subscription, accident, or an avid reader of My blog, today, all day and this weekend for that matter, you are NOT allowed to cum.  Simple as that.  Now for the literary talent of THE belinda blue balls!

Pantied sissy stroker,

stockings, heels and and all.

. . . → Read More: Denial Post: No One Cums Today! 🙂

Not Quite Hump Day…………

Last night was a fun chat.  sissy darlene called after and did a 2 girl with Ms. Tori and myself.  I then signed out to get some things done.

A new wave is pushing in…out with the old and in with the new as spring time should.  I’m taking my niece Britany out . . . → Read More: Not Quite Hump Day…………