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July 2007
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Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Tonight in the humiliation chat room at , Ms Sarah and I are conducting chastity chat, emphasis on domination phone sex, sex toys, tease and denial, in a relaxed and friendly manner unless some fuckface comes in acting like a moron………10:00pm eastern!

I wonder if c4MC got his little envelope with the mystery contents . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

C4MC Is Well Into Chastity Now

Now the 6th day of chastity imprisonment, the one time stroker boy and phone sex boy, c4MC, is totally addicted to Me…his Mistress.  he has been ordered to watch over and over “Seduction, the Cruel Woman” , a German film loosly based on the writings of Leopold Sacher Von Masoch.  I say one time stroker . . . → Read More: C4MC Is Well Into Chastity Now

Chastity Games...Poor C4MC

Poor poor C4MC.  We had a call last night, an hour of tease and denial while he was caged and frustrated which is o.k. by Me as i am contolling him nicely now.  he’s keeping a journal which is , as he says, a clusterfuck of bumbling rantings of a man that is imprisoned, incarcerated…used as an . . . → Read More: Chastity Games…Poor C4MC

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday Chastity Chat

Be there .  Chastity chat 101 or for advanced boys like C4MC.  Ms Sarah and I host this chat every Monday night at 10:00pm eastern in the communitykink humiliation room. We address subjects on cock control, chastity, humiliation, strap on sex, and all kinds of Women on top chat.  Be there!

Speaking of strap . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday Chastity Chat

Chaste4MsCass….Dig It

One has to get creative in the photo posting areas these days,  and here beneath chaos is a fab Houdini chastity device.  C4MC was inspired by My tattoo on the small of My back.  C4MC is chaste for as long as I say. I have both keys to this device, and also the keys . . . → Read More: Chaste4MsCass….Dig It

Electroplay...Anyone For A Cattleprod?

Anyone up for cockcontrol with electroplay?  Do check out My friend’s column for good insight.  This column will be up and running , and I will help research the subject. As most of you know, I love electroplay.

Chastity Mistress dot com is almost there.  Do check out the forming fab pages and audios Ms . . . → Read More: Electroplay…Anyone For A Cattleprod?

The World Of Cock Control And Chastity

So ends two hectic weeks of cock control, chastity, and sissy bois.  Today has been a very slow day which means I have gotten alot done.  It also means the jerks are out drinking and dialing, or just plain dialing and acting 10 year olds.  Maybe the stupidbowl is on and I don’t know . . . → Read More: The World Of Cock Control And Chastity

New Teaser Audio Clip For Cock Locked Biker Boys

Look to your left and listen to Harley Boy In A Cocklock.  The entire audio is on our audio site,  you may link there or better yet, join up through the banner on the left so I can get some money…lol.  I will be doing a very politically incorrect audio for the site, for . . . → Read More: New Teaser Audio Clip For Cock Locked Biker Boys

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Another night of cock control, chastity, humiliation, and sissy boi chat in the humiliation chat room at 10:00 pm eastern this evening.  Join Ms Sarah and Me for another fun filled hour of making you feel imprisoned and if it applies, like the total piece of shit you are..:)

I have been getting chiropractic . . . → Read More: Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Sissy Slut Saturday , Happy Birthday michele

Well…I had the most interesting call with a cuckold sissy boi.  The bitch called nite flirt to get a big black Master on the phone to enforce cocksucking and cockcontrol.  The Master and I cucked the bitch and had phone sex , affirming that sissy pansy will have to deal with it because her cock clit is . . . → Read More: Sissy Slut Saturday , Happy Birthday michele