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December 2008
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Happy Foot And Shoe New Year


This is the first installation of four foot and shoe photos. When the fourth one is posted, the hapless orgasm denied stroke pet alex will be granted orgasm. It’s too bad I have to do the rest of them over too. They just came out way too dark, so I . . . → Read More: Happy Foot And Shoe New Year

Back Again Doing Calls And Being Ignored ~ It's a Dog's Life

It’s back. dog4TheDicktator. First it wanted to do texting as it doesnt deserve calls, but I decided I detest texting. Texting is alot of work and I prefer to humiliate the bitch by talking down to it for awhile and then carry on with other calls or do whatever I feel like. The slut . . . → Read More: Back Again Doing Calls And Being Ignored ~ It's a Dog's Life

Dog's New Chastity, Cockcontol, And Humiliation Program

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Before I get into dog’s program, Im sure stroke pet alex will be soooo disappointed to see no shoe posts. Too bad. I had some unexpected company over the holidays and couldnt get around to it…oh well, it may take forever for him to get that orgasm. . . . → Read More: Dog's New Chastity, Cockcontol, And Humiliation Program

Chastity Training For Sissies

 Here is the picture of the electro play night. Some files needed to be corrected before I could post it. The bondage tape holds the pad very close to the dick providing perfect contact. Then Ms G teased and denied the slut for the 71st day, applying lube from the denial bottle, now half . . . → Read More: Chastity Training For Sissies

Neosteel Chastity Device Anyone?

I received a demo from chastie aka dog4thedicktator on ustream. Step by step instructions on assembling the device. The device is nice to let the balls breath, also you can become frustratingly hard inside of the tube but unable to stroke. The drawback is it is worn around the waist so it will be . . . → Read More: Neosteel Chastity Device Anyone?

Electroplay Orgasm Denial Fun Last Night

Last night My friends, Mistress G and Her slave husband slave r came over for a nice house warming. We did a few hours of playing with the slut after some pizza. The slut hasnt been allowed cumming for 70 days now and had his “Masterpiece Penis Plug ” and metal ball restraint on. I . . . → Read More: Electroplay Orgasm Denial Fun Last Night

Sissy Bitch Friday

They were out in full force, the little wenches. One sissy caller after the other. In the evening hana hot lips called. hana is the biggest sissy slut, but I had one even sluttier at the end of the evening. hana came 5 times for Me, moaning and groaning with her big king dong . . . → Read More: Sissy Bitch Friday

Waiting For The Cocklock……..

Poooooor jack , who has been waiting for the mailman every day for the Exobelt to arrive. This is the holiday rush for mail, so I try not to order anything until January. We thought we would have some training before jack leaves for the holidays. I guess we will have to wait. jack . . . → Read More: Waiting For The Cocklock……..

The Cuckold Sister Site

Yet another boot camp site has been launched for the company:

I have just written a post for it and recorded a short audio:

You have happened upon this site for one reason. You are a cuckold husband or boyfriend. You are here to learn and practice the duties of a cuckold. This . . . → Read More: The Cuckold Sister Site

The Denial Bottle

The move is going well. I have had plenty of time to pack and move stuff into My new quiet space. The only thing hanging Me up is the phone company, and we know My phone is ever important as well as the DSL and cable connections.

stroke pet alex called today and . . . → Read More: The Denial Bottle