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May 2009
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Eight Days Of Tease And Denial

Guess who is back and stroking for Me. Yes…stroke pet alex. I rolled an 8 so next Sunday he gets to cum. he is allowed to call Me during the week if he would like, the rules may change of course. Once a week is reasonable for the budget, but he’s a big boy . . . → Read More: Eight Days Of Tease And Denial

A Porn Site For Girls, Gurls, And Bi Strokers

It’s about time. There is a porn site with skater dudes on it, metal guys, punkers, goth boys, and everything alternative you can think of. Alterna dudes rocks. Check it out if you have the mind to and if youre even the slightest bit fag sissy .

As far as becoming a member, I . . . → Read More: A Porn Site For Girls, Gurls, And Bi Strokers

Sissy Fantasies Continued

I trust everyone had a good holiday. I was busy and on for a few hours only. I went out to lunch with sissy shari, and then we went looking at suits. shari just got a new job, and needs boy garb. We spotted a pink suit which was out of the question. I think . . . → Read More: Sissy Fantasies Continued

The Top Ten Sissy Phone Fantasy Calls

Sissy bois are notorious for their fantasies. The perfect pantied girlie boi is of course dressed on the call but many are not, living the dream in the head. We, the Femdom fantasy artists bring these visions to fruition and breath life into them.

1) The cocksucking sissy slut: Not every slut likes . . . → Read More: The Top Ten Sissy Phone Fantasy Calls

Big Dick On Cam

Jumbo Jeffy I call him and he stroked for me quite nicely. Looked like ten inches of beef but the cam always “adds pounds” lol. I had him stroke for Me as stroke pet alex did, that is, the number of the day which is eight, so, stroking to the very edge, then stop for . . . → Read More: Big Dick On Cam

Another Pantywaist Hard On Series

Just great, another walk to the gym reveals yet another billboard designed just for sissies. This series is called “Maneater” .

The billboard is the blonde from “Scrubs”, looking like the girl from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, except she has a miniature guy in a suit on (or in) a fork, raising the . . . → Read More: Another Pantywaist Hard On Series

Phone Sex And The Bad Boys Who Call

Should I say the boys that call and amuse Me with their badness. The cockstroking boys, the drunken boys, the boys that wear panties, the boys that want to be forced to suck cock, the boys with small dicks in need of humiliation and cuckoldry. Buffy the coke whore, oh danny boy the faggot, . . . → Read More: Phone Sex And The Bad Boys Who Call

Chastity And Jury Duty

Today I got an email from joey h of the Lori’s chastity device. On the 26th of this month he will be going for civic duty. This means the device must come off, otherwise the metal detector will chime hells bells. It has been agreed that I will put him in the cb device with . . . → Read More: Chastity And Jury Duty

A Pause In The Cockstroking Universe....

The slut has left for Europe and has been allowed to cum , stroke pet alex is on the threshold of a new tease and denial program which will involve a few Milovana dot com web teases with some Mistress Ashton input as well, and joey h is still locked but saving his pennies. This . . . → Read More: A Pause In The Cockstroking Universe….

Just Another Sissy Movie !

Right, I have been so meaning to write about the ultimate sissy girlie boi movie for awhile. I first saw the billboard on the way to the gym. I dont imagine any real men will be watching the trailer here, but every now and then we have to take a little attention from the cockstroking . . . → Read More: Just Another Sissy Movie !