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June 2009
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Teased , Denied, Then Finally Laid

Good ole vodka terry finally got in the MILF next door’s panties. She teased and denied terry boy for months now, pussy whipping him beyond belief. Every time he began to call Me she would be calling him on the phone, and he would acquiesce. Poor poor terry boy, now that you have it, . . . → Read More: Teased , Denied, Then Finally Laid

An Interesting Description Of Cumming

I had a fun caller this afternoon who went over the edge and described it as ” spontaneous eruption”, as in a volcanic splooge. This was not an orgasm denial call, but a body worship, face smothering, tease and denial call. The fun boy was very expressive , which is what I like…gimme some . . . → Read More: An Interesting Description Of Cumming

Where Have All The Chastity Boys Gone....

…Gone to job search every one. Sung by Peter’s Paul is Merry. That’s short for a chastity device is not an affordable thing right now. More and more calls are coming in for cock control and denial. I look at that this way: it’s exercise to what will cum or not cum. Eventually the . . . → Read More: Where Have All The Chastity Boys Gone….

Summer Stroking Sessions

The summer solstice hit us yesterday on father’s day. I must say, many of you were good family boys yesterday which gave Me plenty of time to play with My new I-Mac. I go through manuals, especially the missing manuals books, and yesterday I played with time machine and did more on i-tunes. I . . . → Read More: Summer Stroking Sessions

A Domme A Dozen

That’s Los Angeles. I call it the Femdom bandwagon. There are so many pro-dommes down here it could make a sub’s head spin. Now the question is, who’s gonna do it for you. Of course you have to pay, and the lifestylers are getting pretty annoyed with it all. Take note: most prodommes are . . . → Read More: A Domme A Dozen

A Stroke Pet's Lucky Roll

Stroke pet alex called for a nice cockstroke tease the other day. Sometimes I use the dice, sometimes not. I did roll two for the amount of edges that wound up to be ten. One dice rolled determines cumming or not . I told alex that if I rolled odd, he gets to cum, even, . . . → Read More: A Stroke Pet's Lucky Roll

Cock Control And Sissy Audios Coming Up

I have My audio program up on the Mac. I found a great free program called Recordpad, an Aussie based company. I suppose I can do Garageband, but this is so much easier for now. Garageband would be good if I had a sissy slave geek here to do all the work except for . . . → Read More: Cock Control And Sissy Audios Coming Up

A Day Of Humiliation

It seems that today is a very good humiliation day. Every single call that has come in begs to be humiliated, degraded, and laughed at. Ive decided, then, no one gets to cum today unless begged, pleaded, and on those knees. I know this is a huge turnoff to some, but to many, a . . . → Read More: A Day Of Humiliation

Electroplay Lab Rat Style Cock Control

Imagine being a chronic masturbator that has absolutely no control over his dick and needs a bit of training rat style. I would sit across from the out of control beatch with an ErosTec device, afixing pads to his hands . I would monitor the cockstrokes and watch the pupil dilation and the quickening of . . . → Read More: Electroplay Lab Rat Style Cock Control

Phone Electroplay

Last night I talked to My boy from Texas, J the gadget geek. This boy has a fucking machine and every vibrating dildo including the Feeldo, imaginable. This boy is into having that dick teased and denied for an hour or more. This boy is also big time into strap ons fucked by a dominant . . . → Read More: Phone Electroplay