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July 2009
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Cam Slut Fails With A Ruined Orgasm

I thought this evening I would rest from being Miss Bitch. I had dinner out with a cute twink (23) who is eager to be My new sissy slave. Im old enough to be his older sister, and Im at the age that qualifies for “Cougar”. Next week we are going to Bar Sin, . . . → Read More: Cam Slut Fails With A Ruined Orgasm

Objectification Humiliation


I so hope you enjoy My little clip on being humiliated by objectification. I had the pleasure of objectifying the brothel slut last year. The slut sent Me the rubber dog suit and hood that it had to wear for several weeks. The slut endured rubber doll . . . → Read More: Objectification Humiliation

Web Cam Stroker Humiliation

Good old chaste4theDicktator is back, aka the brothel slut, aka dog4thedicktator. Well he’s not back in the USA but he’s sorted things out abroad and is locked up in good chastity keeping

# 426292 is the number on the lock so he cant stroke . Teasing and denial isnt enough with this boy. he, . . . → Read More: Web Cam Stroker Humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation

Oh dont worry. Soon enough I will get to chastity humiliation. But for right now I want to play with cuckold boys. Cuckold boys are the phone sex whisperers. Everything is hush. The fantasy has a bit of class and elegance to it. Why wouldnt it . Imagine an opulent household with a pampered . . . → Read More: Cuckold Humiliation

What Is Orgasm Denial Humiliation

Now what do you think orgasm denial humiliation is. Isnt it all about My amusement? My control over you? Chastity training humiliation will be addressed in a day or so, but now I want to deal with raw cock stroking and denial.


Today stroke pet alex called after yesterdays denial . . . . → Read More: What Is Orgasm Denial Humiliation

It's Time For Small Penis Humiliation

I’m getting an interesting volume of Humiliation phone sex calls lately. Now why I wonder? Is it because Im posting the top ten humiliation fantasies? Will it go beyond ten? Can we really call it phone sex. I suppose we could because the topic today is small penis humiliation. The pin dick calls to . . . → Read More: It's Time For Small Penis Humiliation

Mind Fuck Addict Humiliation

Exactly what is it. Tease ending in denial is a part of mind fuck humiliation. Sending an email at the last min, or maybe not at all depending on the client’s tolerance level, talking longer than ever, surprising the fucktard with new and different things, which would appear to be flakey in the Femdom . . . → Read More: Mind Fuck Addict Humiliation

The First Humiliation Audio…Helllllloooo Sissies….

But of course I couldnt resist but to put My sissy bois first in the humiliation audio series.


This is, of course not for every sissy. Some sissies actually hate humiliation, but some are total humiliation junkies who thrive on being laughed at and under the Femdom heel. One that . . . → Read More: The First Humiliation Audio…Helllllloooo Sissies….

It's Raining Sissies!

Ummmmmmmmmmmm…whose the best sissy cocksucker in the world? Why sissy michelle…who else? it’s been ages since I have talked to this little panty waist. I guess she was on the sissy purging thing, which I may add…NEVER lasts…hahaha , you always come back gurls. So a word to the wise: dont burn your bridges. . . . → Read More: It's Raining Sissies!

Sissy Lingerie In The Mail

Well guess what I got in the mail today, all the way from Italy. Yep from bonzo…dog4thedicktator. La Perla, Wolford, a bottle of Shalimar, a silk robe, a few black nighties. I hope the hound is enjoying his new life in Italy. it was fun while it lasted….

Poor vodka terry fell off of . . . → Read More: Sissy Lingerie In The Mail