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October 2009
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Keysafe Again……..

Heard of keysafe? The remote control chastity release? Check out keysafe for yourself. Fits right in there with texting and instant messaging doesnt it? Dont get me started. Texting is something I just dont get. I had my carrier discontinue it after I gave My phone # to some submissive at a play party. . . . → Read More: Keysafe Again……..

A Sissie's Hair Salon Fantasy

Linda, the lovely submissive and softspoken sissy gurl was taken to the beauty parlor the other day. I made sure she was dressed in pink from head to toe. We dressed her in a tight long sleeved pink dress with stockings and stiletto ankle boots, pink fur on the top. Linda needed some highlights, . . . → Read More: A Sissie's Hair Salon Fantasy

A New Bondage Chastity Boy

Before I get to that new boy, our blogs will be updated soon and I will have to get a new theme. I’ve already picked it out. The header needs to be designed by one of our talented Mistresses. Dont be alarmed, lots of black and white. It’s becoming requirement so the cock stroking . . . → Read More: A New Bondage Chastity Boy

Birth Of Sissy, Birth Of Mistress

Who knows when sissy fetish starts. Usually very young, some even before puberty. The same works for a dominant Mistress. There may be a genetic code, an early memory that kicks them off. I was watching this movie on cable, “Flashbacks of a Fool”, and this clip reminds Me of a sissy/Mistress dynamic. Give . . . → Read More: Birth Of Sissy, Birth Of Mistress

A Good Boy In Chastity

Wer ist das? That would be cocklock jennifer. I didnt mean to confuse you aber ich lerne Deutches. Ha ha,,yes, I’m learning German. Why not . The language of domination. Femdom excels, grows, and soars through the German language. Stay tuned. Im learning very fast.

Back to the nitty. cocklock jennifer sissy bitch called . . . → Read More: A Good Boy In Chastity

Bondage And Chastity: The Realm Of Control

I consider chastity training the ultimate bondage. Am I being elitist? Perhaps, but in a perfect world of Femdom, a Mistress who has a slave in both is lucky indeed.

Let’s remember that many chastity and bondage enthusiasts dislike whips and chains and let’s also remember both float within the world of captivity. Hopefully . . . → Read More: Bondage And Chastity: The Realm Of Control

Keyholding: No End In Sight

Poor poor cocklock jennifer. I just love her “permanent chastity” emails of being in the cocklock forever. The hapless chastity slave is due for a call with both of her owners very soon. Of course, having a sissy boi in the cage is absolutely My favorite.

Speaking of sissy bitches, jackalope suzie was . . . → Read More: Keyholding: No End In Sight

A Novel Sissy Fantasy

Here is a sissy in distress fantasy That colette requested for todays call. sissy has used Mistresses workout room while Mistress was out and about. sissy did not like the way the gym was set up, so she moved all of the equipment around to suit her. The marks on the rug betrayed her, . . . → Read More: A Novel Sissy Fantasy

News On The Stroker Front

Wow…has it been that long since I posted? Guess so. Ive been taking days off and busy in between. I have upped My gym days as well and signing on later. Cock conrol is on the up and chastity training is down, just like the stock market. As football season is on, the phone . . . → Read More: News On The Stroker Front

An Evening With A Sissy Soon to Be Cocklocked

Jackalope suzie rides again and is ready for some chastity training with Me starting as soon as possible. We had a shortie last night discussing a few details of the program. Unfortunately it was late and I was about to sign off for the evening. This program will have a limit on it. It’s . . . → Read More: An Evening With A Sissy Soon to Be Cocklocked