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November 2009
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Last Night's BDSM Party

I took one of My boys to a local Femdom club last night for a bit of fun and play. I’m not sure if I mentioned this boy, egbert I call him because he’s a total nerd studying astrophysics and exobiology. This boy lives in Arizona and comes to the L.A. area often to . . . → Read More: Last Night's BDSM Party

Cock Control And Turkey Day

Im sure most of you boys had alot of football today…yes yes I know you sissy bois love your football too, and turkey. I went to the gym, went and had drinks with friends and watched some dvd.

Speaking of the gym, I have been spotting more and more girlie bois ( I . . . → Read More: Cock Control And Turkey Day

Even A Salon Sissy Can Use A Good Panty Gag

It’s your lovely and cruel martinet reporting on the fabulous world of humiliation and sissydom, with some chastity thrown in the cocktail of Femdom. The recipe of a Femdom cocktail: two parts top shelf Femdom, one part well sissy, one part cuckold pin dick, shaken VERY HARD with a scoop of ice, and topped . . . → Read More: Even A Salon Sissy Can Use A Good Panty Gag

More Chastity Training News

In earlier post I discussed that slave boy from the great white north with a list of toys, corsets, bondage goodies, gags, plugs, and shoe locking straps.  We had a session the other night with chastity on the horizon. Later that evening I received an email with a cb cocklock and various plastic locks. . . . → Read More: More Chastity Training News

Left Handed Cock Strokers

Today I had a great cock control call where the boy took awhile to get to edges. That makes it all the more interesting of a stroke session. This college boy needed stress relief, and Im dying to get that big uncut cock into a cage. I told him it would be good for . . . → Read More: Left Handed Cock Strokers

Total Phone Domination Humiliation

One hour of hard core humiliation is probably the favorite. I did sign in last night for a few hours to get the last birthday prezzie…a humiliation call. Loved it. It contained a variety of everything, which made it terribly interesting. Intense cuckolding, a bit of sissification, some small penis humiliation, trampling, verbal degradation, . . . → Read More: Total Phone Domination Humiliation

Pushing A Gurl Into The Lingerie Store

I talked to the sweetest sissy gurl tonight who will be calling back on Wednesday for a shopping assignment. I will call the store and tell the sales associate exactly what sissy donna will purchase. This will be discussed in our email tomorrow. She will have cell phone to hand to Me to make . . . → Read More: Pushing A Gurl Into The Lingerie Store

Do You Measure Up? Small Penis Humiliation!

I’ve uploaded a bunch of small cock audios on the cock control forum.I will prolly post on here a bit later, but I feel lazy to do it today. One is called “hey shrimpy!”, others deal with small cocks, cream pies, cucking, and the 2 finger stroke. Sissy school will get it’s dose of . . . → Read More: Do You Measure Up? Small Penis Humiliation!

Only In Japan : The Crossdresser Cafe

Leave it to those kinky Japanese to fulfill the sissy desire to dress in public and get paid for it…LOL

I certainly would love to grab a coffee ( kohee ) and dessert in this place. I love the way the Japanese say coffee and milk. It’s simply precious. Thank you nancy for sending . . . → Read More: Only In Japan : The Crossdresser Cafe

A Worthy Fluffer Boy

The saga continues as Mistress Dagmar , the formidable protagonist of dumfuk4thedicktator’s fiction, starts winding up. For short, dumfuk is called “der hund” ( the dog). The scene now moves to the hotel room where the girlfriend of die hund waits patiently for it’s arrival. Unbeknownst to her, der hund has brought with him . . . → Read More: A Worthy Fluffer Boy