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April 2013
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Priscilla Queen of the Dildos

Pico Torture

Vanessa, aka poodle, is now “priscilla queen of the dildos”. The little cock locked nub between her legs is now called “little priss”. Little priss has had quite a night locked in her Pico device. I’m wondering if her nightly erections caused her much discomfort? Awww, well. I told her to . . . → Read More: Priscilla Queen of the Dildos

The Pico Cage Has Pretty Pink Spikes

Poodle Is Spiked

The pink Pico cage by Birdlocked anyone? When birdlocked came around, I had a real time boy buy one. His balls were a bit too big, even though I had him jerk off for me 3 times on his knees at my feet. This boy was great. We went to . . . → Read More: The Pico Cage Has Pretty Pink Spikes

29 Days Of Caged Cock

29 Days of Denial

After 29 days of chastity, sissy donna was released to go to a doctor’s appointment. Now she is back in but in the smaller lighter cock controlling cage for a longer time. I was just informed that she will be vacationing in June so I may just keep her . . . → Read More: 29 Days Of Caged Cock

Fabulous Chastity Cage Named After Me…Almost!

The Dicktator, The Dictator..A Rose By Any other Name..

Donna, my sissy chastity slut has the task to research devices and she came up with an awesome company called steelwerksextreme. Though not The Dicktator, the dictator is close enough to make me chuckle. They have devices named “the torture puzzle”, “the crown of . . . → Read More: Fabulous Chastity Cage Named After Me…Almost!

Ruined Orgasm Frustration

Ruining Your Orgasm With Pleasure

It’s occurred to me that I don’t have a post on our “we ruin orgasms ” site so I’m going to get to work on that because I love ruining orgasms. Chastity training, milking, and ruining orgasms comes under the heading of “extreme cock control”. Another bit of . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm Frustration