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May 2013
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3 Toys in One

A Spiky Metal Cock Toy

While looking for new and different pain and captivity things on the Stockroom site, I was delighted to see “Mike’s Spikes”. This is a versatile device which is interchangeable from ball stretcher to cbt device much like Kali’s Teeth. It’s the winner of 2011 Xbiz Alternative Pleasure Product award, . . . → Read More: 3 Toys in One

Inquisitional Captivity Not For Mincing Sissies

Vanessa Queen of the Dildos Does Cam

Another fun filled call with the humiliated slut sissy vanessa this morning. Ms Meredith, Cecilia, and Delia joined in on the fun. vanessa was so cute in her black and white polka dot nighty with girl jeans on, giving us a little hubba hubba hump action, . . . → Read More: Inquisitional Captivity Not For Mincing Sissies

Orgasm Denial For Sissies

Stroking Games For Panty Waists

I’m having more little sissies requesting to leave the happy ending up to me, and with that, mostly it’s no. Since sissies are geared to assignments, putting them on a schedule of stroke and tease is easy when they are not in chastity.

Stroke and tease the sissy . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial For Sissies

Time Share Sluts

Owning a Time Share Slut

Compliments of one of Ms Meredith‘s talented slave boys. We have Ms Violet and Ms Mandy in the mix here. It’s always fun to share a slut as Ms Meredith and I do with vanessa the little sissy dildo slut. If a slut is being shared, then either . . . → Read More: Time Share Sluts

Eventually You Can Stroke

Mistress of the Day Assignment

Sissy donna has commented that her Mistress of the Day assignments are more frustrating than anything since she is locked in chastity and cannot stroke. Today is day 21 which is nothing at all. I want to keep her in as long as possible. I actually had a . . . → Read More: Eventually You Can Stroke

2 Mistress Control

2 Mistress Tag Team

It’s always a treat having a little slut like little priss under the control of 2 Mistresses, this way the little slut will think twice about losing focus. I’m delighted to have Ms Meredith join me. Little fag sluts like fuckie fag boi failed at the attempt proclaiming that . . . → Read More: 2 Mistress Control

Another Day In The Dirty Book Store

Some Sissy Outings Just Suck

On Monday a little hottie named felicia, sissy felicia to all, was wearing a very short dress with high high heels. Thigh highs in tasteful nude, makeup done just perfectly, and a wavy titian shaded wig. The dress was black and very tailored to her svelte body, the . . . → Read More: Another Day In The Dirty Book Store