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June 2013
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Happy Ending Ruined Orgasm

A Very Horny Boy Defies A Ruined Orgasm

How fun is that when a boy lives through a ruined orgasm, gets it up 5 minutes later and cums in 10 minutes. I say a very horny and lucky boy indeed. That’s just what happened yesterday with one of my boys who has claimed . . . → Read More: Happy Ending Ruined Orgasm

The Cuckold Class

Days Chaste

Assignment for jeffie is every blog post must be commented on with days chaste as he has been doing. It’s a meager chastity training assignment but an assignment none the less. jeffie had a good chat with Ms Meredith last night, and it’s great partnering with her. I’m sure these boys . . . → Read More: The Cuckold Class

A Chastity Slave’s Return

Chastity Forever

Welcome back, jeffie. Chastity training is no easy endeavor for many. The photo above was jeffies collection, now parred down to The Jailbird, and Watchful Mistress and as of today, a brand new Pico device. I believe that inspiration came from sissy vanessa. Chaste now for 4 days, Ms Meredith and . . . → Read More: A Chastity Slave’s Return

Cuckolding Cassandra Style

A Call From A Bull

I had a novel cuckold phone fantasy call from a foreign boy who is a bull. The boy served a couple who have since moved away and now he seeks the impossible but all things are possible. It was a bit of a challenge to talk to a . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Cassandra Style

Vanessa’s Pussy, Pretty In Pink

Flogging Anyone?

Super Sexy Pink Pubes

So getting back to sissy vanessa. Butt plug training has been enforced all week after a cam examination of pubic hair coloring. On Tuesday sissy got her color kit out and got pinked up. The first stage is to bleach the hair to a pale yellow and . . . → Read More: Vanessa’s Pussy, Pretty In Pink

Hey Sissy Your Tan Lines Are Showing!

Lucky Lil Sissy

Lucky little sissy vanessa got to cum after 40 min of stroking with Ms Meredith yesterday morning. The condition was to have a butt plug in her sissy ass she was stroking, and to lock up immediately after cum eating. Lucky gurl may not have been as lucky with me. . . . → Read More: Hey Sissy Your Tan Lines Are Showing!

Favorite Stroking Techniques

5 Fun Stroking Games

Today I received an email from a boy who wanted to know my favorite stroking techniques. I told the boy I will post them here, and I’m sure all will agree, these are most exciting after a boy has been taken out of a cock cage and denied orgasm . . . → Read More: Favorite Stroking Techniques

50 Days of Chastity

43 Days and Counting!

My sissy in chastity donna has made it to 43 days as of today. Her personal best so far. She says she’s getting antsy. I say make it to 50 days and there will be a reward. What that is, I won’t say right now. I always encourage to . . . → Read More: 50 Days of Chastity