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July 2013
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Fuckie’s New Fag Panties

Understated but still girlie

Efie Souffle Eats It

Cum eating and bukkake have gained much attention from here. Leave it to fuckie fag boi to jump on board. As a bukkake slut and cum eater, we call her “efie souffle”. Egg whites please. Lately I’ve been marathoning boys but few make it to . . . → Read More: Fuckie’s New Fag Panties

Efie’s New Sissy Name, Again

Sissy Souffle Anyone?

A case of eyestrain has kept me off the blogging this week but it’s much better today. It’s mostly sissy news so of no importance…lol.  Nah, kidding. Sissies are definitely the characters of many pink colors. Fuckie fag boi was intrigued by the bukkake boy and decided that Tuesday will . . . → Read More: Efie’s New Sissy Name, Again

Saving His Cum For a Rainy Day

The New Bukkake Boy

I have a boy in training for tease and denial, sometimes cum eating, sometimes bukkake. How does one do bukkake without a team of men jerking off over him you ask? By saving his cum in a freezer bag. Not cumming but edging for 3 days, and then marathon . . . → Read More: Saving His Cum For a Rainy Day

Mistress Meredith Gives the Chastity Order

Edging: How To Do It

Don’t blame me if you go over the edge since you are supposed to follow my instruction. Sometimes it does happen  and sometimes what happens is it is ruined. When I say stop and you feel like you’re going over, squeeze the head really tight and feel the . . . → Read More: Mistress Meredith Gives the Chastity Order

The Perfect Assignment Sissy Does her Work

Paragon of Sissyness

Sissy vanessa makes me very proud. She is the gurl that get’s things done with the assignments demanded. I do cut her slack on occasions when she is not feeling well. Assignment completed:

Brittany is my laser technician’s name! She was as beautiful as ever again today! She made . . . → Read More: The Perfect Assignment Sissy Does her Work

July 4th Cum Toast


Bottoms up can mean many things. Today I would like to address cum eating, strap-on play, and of course the next installment of the cuckold MILF who can squirt.

It’s Cum Eating Time

Cum eating calls can be very challenging. Why? Because 75% or more end the call before the eating begins. . . . → Read More: July 4th Cum Toast