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August 2013
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Cock Control Playground

May You Cum?

My page is up on the MayICum site, check it out: Cock Control Playground. The geek is away on business this week and by next week we hopefully will have the “casino” up and running. This adds much to chastity programs, tease and denial sessions and amusement for you at . . . → Read More: Cock Control Playground

Femdom Island


The Only Dog on Femdom Island

OBT wanted an imprisonment fantasy so I shipwrecked him on Femdom Island in the south seas. The prison camp for bad boys, ran out of young bad boys, and here he arrived, fresh as a daisy and ready for the dungeon. We needed some fresh blood . . . → Read More: Femdom Island

Cassandra’s Playground

Weekend Availability

My availability will be a bit sketchy this weekend so look for me in the evening on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. I was thinking of going to Yosemite this weekend but my guy friend was called to work. You dont expect me to drive all of that way . . . → Read More: Cassandra’s Playground

CBT With Pervertables

An empty milk jug on a parachute harness is a pervertable

What are Pervertables

I had a great call with a CBT boy last week that inspired me to write about pervertables. Pervertables are simply found things around the home or in 99 cent stores that have the potential to be affordable and . . . → Read More: CBT With Pervertables

No Dexter? No Cumming until the Agreement is Reached

What’s TV without Dexter?

What? No Dexter this week?! Showtime stricken from my premium channels has pissed me off. TWC, notorious hard-ons, is bickering with CBS as if they don’t have enough money, either one of them. And then they hand me Encore as a patch which totally sucks. They have ’til the . . . → Read More: No Dexter? No Cumming until the Agreement is Reached

The New Tease Denial Chastity Game for Lucky or Not so Lucky Boys

Try Your Orgasm Luck

A geek is hard at work getting these wheels spinning and soon I will be having you spin them too as you try your luck for any of the outcums. I’m not exactly sure how I will infuse them into a chastity program or stroker boy program. Perhaps on . . . → Read More: The New Tease Denial Chastity Game for Lucky or Not so Lucky Boys