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November 2013
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The Twitch and Vampire Gloves CBT Fun

CBT Anyone?

The Ball Crusher

So today we will get into more CBT fun using the “Twitch” and Vampire Gloves. The Twitch gadget is actually used on mules and horses in veterinary practice. It is cast aluminum, and instead of being attached to the animal’s lower lips, it is attached to your balls. . . . → Read More: The Twitch and Vampire Gloves CBT Fun

The Family Jewels

The CB6000

The Wartenberg Wheel

I’m re-reading a book called Family Jewels by Hardy Haberman. Wonderful read since I’m getting more and more CBT and ball busting calls. Boys seem to gravitate to the Mistresses who hold their kinky interests in mind. One little gadget I forget about is the Wartonberg Wheel. You . . . → Read More: The Family Jewels

Mistress’s Birthday Is Coming

6 Of The Best?

One Tied Up Boy

I lost that cane somewhere, and I believe it was at the last BDSM play party up in North Hollywood. I wore that same outfit but did not lose that. My beloved acrylic cane and English Tawse is still in my possession however. A cane . . . → Read More: Mistress’s Birthday Is Coming

A 6 Mistress Cam Session Coming Up

Stroking Games Keep On Rolling

Much fun is being had on Cassandra’s playground, one boy won 3 days of chastity, and another had very good work done on the blackboard. This site is for your stroking pleasure when I send you there, and for when I feel the need that you need a . . . → Read More: A 6 Mistress Cam Session Coming Up