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January 2014
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Blow Job Duty

Blow Job Duty Boy

Well ok…he did it. 50 blow jobs, well done! Six or seven a day and 50% swallowed. More to go I’m afraid. Now he is ordered to do 100 in 10 days and must swallow all loads. The blow job pillow so he won’t rip his thigh highs, door . . . → Read More: Blow Job Duty

Punishment Pumps For Sissies

Sissy Pumps That Lock

Punishment shoes found their way into sissy donna’s closet:

“Mistress I have locked myself in a pair of 5 inch locking heels for the day I will either learn to walk in them or be stuck sitting all day”.

Guess who got stuck sitting most of the day. The . . . → Read More: Punishment Pumps For Sissies

Bad Habits can be Broken with Cocklocking

Quit Smoking with Chastity Training

Smoking cessation can be fun if you add chastity training to the mix. That is exactly what I’m doing with sissy donna who was locked on 1/2. After several relapses of smoking, the number of cigarettes smoked were the number of days added. We have to be realistic . . . → Read More: Bad Habits can be Broken with Cocklocking

2014 Begins with a Mistress Demand


Hello boys and welcome to 2014. My news is Mistress Hunter and I have become partners in humiliation and everything involved with it. Soon we will have a humiliation blog that you who are humiliation junkies will be able to interact with us. Are you excited little dickies, sissies, chronic wanker boys, . . . → Read More: 2014 Begins with a Mistress Demand

A Clever Sissy Is A Useful Sissy

Sissy Certificate of Merit

A clever sissy is a useful sissy. vanessas certificate is a good touch for the end of the year. Now to think of some new year’s assignments for hungry sissies and bad gurl crossdressers. My availability for the weekend is quite a bit and all over the board except . . . → Read More: A Clever Sissy Is A Useful Sissy