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May 2014
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Masturbation May Audio

One more thing…..I want to drive you crazy stroking on the very last day of the month, yes! Masturbation May is cumming to a close! I want you to listen to my audio and enjoy. Perhaps we can have a Jack off July. XOX


Chastity Mistress Cassandra . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Audio

Masturbation May Finale

A Boy’s Toys

Cum Today!

Masturbation May proved to be a great month for stroker boys on all different training programs from all of the Femdom of LDW. I’m on for only 4 hours starting now, and if you have been denied orgasm from me, either with chastity training or on a strict . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Finale

Sissy Selfie Audio; You Can’t Hide Anymore


I have a very ambitious sissy called felicia. She’s the one who suggested selfies of her slutting enfemme. She delivered gleefully dating an admirer in las Vegas and now a photo in a bar of a guy taking her pic. Also, sissy donna has taken selfies in a woman’s dress store with . . . → Read More: Sissy Selfie Audio; You Can’t Hide Anymore

Dick Sculpture With Candle Play

…And you said chastity training please?

Hot Wax For Your Dick

I haven’t talked about candle play to enhance cock control lately, and so I shall. Last night I enjoyed a creative call with a stroker boy whom I train frequently. Always looking for new things to do, I have just invented a . . . → Read More: Dick Sculpture With Candle Play

The Captivity Worm Returns

A Good Day For A Caning and Imprisoning

My Trip Cancellation

Firstly, my trip was cancelled due to fires in the Sedona area. The air is too unhealthy for hiking which was my main objective. I’m planning on doing it in the near future and will put some Southwest Airline giftcards on my . . . → Read More: The Captivity Worm Returns

A New Game For Chastity Stroker Boys

Sometimes a busy Chastity Mistress with many slaves clamoring for attention just doesn’t have time to properly monitor and motivate them all. So to assist me keeping my stable of submissive boys out of mischief, I’ve instructed “the geek” to program a new game called “The Proctor”.

This one-of-a-kind creation will keep my . . . → Read More: A New Game For Chastity Stroker Boys

Have You Been Stroking For The Month Of May?

…and how is your “Masturbation May” going?

Star Stroker Boys

I’ll be all of you boys have been storing up your cum for June since Masturbation May is in full swing. From ruined orgasms to marathon stroking, all have been having fun except for chastity locked boys. One unbelievable stroker named boy brett . . . → Read More: Have You Been Stroking For The Month Of May?

More Stroking And Chastity Games

A New Boy In Chastity Game

The Geek is working on a new game which sounds exciting for chastity slaves with idle hands.

“One idea I’m trying to develop is a web program called “The Proctor” (like the name?). The concept is something to keep your boys busy while in the cage. I . . . → Read More: More Stroking And Chastity Games

Chastity Training Revisited

A Chastity Manual

I was just going through the chastity manual page editing the application and have decided to begin the writing of the manual. Chastity training programs page will be deleted and added to the manual.New things have come up like the playground site for assignments and also rules for chastity training . . . → Read More: Chastity Training Revisited

Love Extreme Cock Control?

Do You Like Your Cock Control Strict?

Yet another one of our sites has evaded me. I’ve created a new bio for it soon to be posted. This is not for the casual cock control enthusiasts. Those who are interested in extreme programs, extended orgasm denial, pass the penis, and chastity trainees. Give . . . → Read More: Love Extreme Cock Control?