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August 2014
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The Illusive Fit Of Chastity Devices

The Chastity Cage Dilemma

When the ring is too small, the cock cage will fall off in the middle of the night. So was the experience for fuckie fag boi last night. That ended the problem of pinching anyways. Sometimes the perfect cage is illusive like a love interest you will never have. . . . → Read More: The Illusive Fit Of Chastity Devices

Cocklocked and Titted

Chastity Training Coming For Fuckie

Those are the words of fuckie fag boi who just received his metal cage in the mail today. Unfortunately they did not include the pin which is necessary, so that had been re-ordered and to be sent express mail. This weekend fuckie will be back in chastity training . . . → Read More: Cocklocked and Titted

The Weekend Caning

A Good Day For A Caning and Imprisoning

Caning Anyone?

I think I have described my passion for Governess play, didn’t I? What is it? The dressing up for the event of dominating a male? The event itself where Mistresses and submissives unite for like interest? Yes. Saturday night was just that. Do . . . → Read More: The Weekend Caning

Reward For 90 Days Chaste: A Ruined Orgasm

Ruined O ? Too Bad!

Just Another Ruined Orgasm

Poor sissy donna. 90 days of chastity training without one tease and denial session, and what did she get yesterday? A ruined orgasm and locked up again. Since she made it to 90, I don’t see why she can’t do 100. She was a . . . → Read More: Reward For 90 Days Chaste: A Ruined Orgasm

Stroking With Electro Pads


Tens Unit Play Time

Yesterday I received a surprise call from sissy vanessa with her noogle pump and an electro box I never knew about. We put 2 pads on each ball and one on the underside of the cock. Since vanessa was busy “noogling” the electrobox . . . → Read More: Stroking With Electro Pads

A Captivity Slave Escapes

The Worm Has Escaped!


As Ms Delia says “prisoners and criminals can never be trusted”. I found this meme suitable for the worm as it was so proud of it’s stripes. So the captivity slave worm, skipped out of town last Friday without one little word to Ms Delia and me! Shall . . . → Read More: A Captivity Slave Escapes

A New Pervertable Tens Unit

Pervertable Tens Unit

I just discovered in CVS, a new to me pervertable made by Icy Hot, smart relief tens therapy. It’s customizable with 63 intensity levels, wire free, and battery operated. It’s 30.00 at Target, so no one can say the cannot afford to have a little electro fun for cock control . . . → Read More: A New Pervertable Tens Unit

An Overly Enthused Sissy


A Great Weekend

Greetings all for a brand new week. I had a wonderful weekend hiking several trails in the San Gabriel Mountains with two friends. We spotted 4 coyotes, two mule deer, red shoulder hawks, red tail hawks, two rattle snakes, and possibly a mountain lion. Mountain lions are shy and . . . → Read More: An Overly Enthused Sissy