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September 2014
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Slut Sadie The Pass Around Gurl

The Slut DuJour

Sexy Slut Sadie comes a calling with Mistress Courtney on a relaxing Saturday morning. Sadie is under the tutelage of Ms Courtney as of late. Sadie has been passed along from Mistress to Mistress in the service with the much deserved titleĀ of the “sissy loaner”. Imagine this in real time . . . → Read More: Slut Sadie The Pass Around Gurl

A Bra Fitting Certificate

Bra Size Certificate

Cerificate For Bra Fitting? Imagine That!

Congratulations to sissy fuckie fag boi! This is the result of Noogleberry work done three times a day. Noogleberry also makes nipple enhancement which fuckie is investing in. She loves having breasts. After sending this certificate, she asked if she earned an orgasm. I . . . → Read More: A Bra Fitting Certificate

The Captivity Slave Crawls Back

The Worm’s Cell

The Fugitive Returns

Guess who is back and no longer a fugitive, yes…worm. It was an escapee for two months and now I sentenced it to two years. Since it has monthly business out of town, we consider this work release. To appease Mistress it has purchased a large “cell” . . . → Read More: The Captivity Slave Crawls Back

Weekend Chastity

Weekend Chastity Warrior

Afraid to take the big chastity training plunge? You don’t have to sign up for months, even weeks. A great way to start your chastity training can be weekends only training. This is a chastity lite program where you check in Friday for lockup, and cut off that lock on . . . → Read More: Weekend Chastity

Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

Chastity Training

Chastity training via phone is in the middle. Since I have been doing it for awhile, I have it down. It requires checking in, it requires patience, it requires hand holding. Chastity slaves tend to be on the needy side, well who wouldn’t be when a cock is locked and loaded. . . . → Read More: Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

Phone Domination Made Easy

The Art of Phone Domination

How Hard Are You?

It doesn’t have to be hard :0 , well, yes it does. At least in the beginning of the session it should be soft so you can concentrate where we are going. Phone domination once upon a time was not imaginable. How can you . . . → Read More: Phone Domination Made Easy

Sissie’s Outing Purse

Lovely New Shoes

First Shop For The Purse

I’ve been thinking of the contents of a pink pouffy sissy purse carried around by obvious panty waist bois. Obviously it has to be in pink with maybe a floral print, a silver or gold chain strap, and sizable enough to carry a sissie’s goods. . . . → Read More: Sissie’s Outing Purse