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February 2015
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Fifty Shades Of Cuckold

Cuckolds…who are they?

Cuckold Traits

I did not see the movie. I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix or Redbox. I heard it sucked anyways. Yes it’s been done before, as in 9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger. It also has the same ending I hear. The new submissive becomes intensely . . . → Read More: Fifty Shades Of Cuckold

Poor Little Sissy

Poor Sissy….Clueless and Dickless!!

Hapless Sissy

So I get this call from a clueless little sissy who is trying to figure things out. I have to dig in the deepest depths of this poor little sissies head to figure out why her brain is so ditzie, girlie, and clueless. She has a cute . . . → Read More: Poor Little Sissy

A Trip To The Sissy Humiliation Haven

Training A Slave

Cassandra’s Playground continues to have good traffic from the curious. Enjoy your time there. Also my boys/bois are enjoying the weekly reports and requests. After all, chastity trainees, the orgasm denied, and attention hungry sissies need rules and regulations. Fuckie fag boi is in New York now visiting friends and . . . → Read More: A Trip To The Sissy Humiliation Haven

Chastity Stroking Games Update

Proctor Beta 2

The Beta2 Is Here

Proctor beta 2 is here. Check it out and read everything under the program, there is an App for everything they say. The Geek says:

“In observing the leaderboard, I noticed that the boys (even though they were told to follow directions) are not. To “graduate” . . . → Read More: Chastity Stroking Games Update

The Strapon Weekend With An Ocean View

Locked Again, and Unloaded

What a great Valentines day. I wore something similar as in the picture to frustrate my boy who had his last orgasm last night for a very long time. He is now locked back up in his happy new metal Queen’s Keep chastity device. He will be taken out . . . → Read More: The Strapon Weekend With An Ocean View

Valentine’s Denial Day

Proctor Beta 2

Proctor Beta 2 is coming out. I saw the prototype and it looks interesting. Now for me to actually go in and play the game is going to happen. The playground site gets lots of hits so I will be popping in to see what all the fuss is about. . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Denial Day

How To Be A Girl

Girl Things

Being Femme

This post will be all about a sissy doing her absolute best to be a sissy as girlie as possible. It all starts with fashion magazines and studying closely transgender model Andreja Pejic and Lea T. These models are so hot, genetic female models are jealous. This is where . . . → Read More: How To Be A Girl

Protocol For Sissies

Bad Sissies Need Rules

Protocol. Ah such a word, and challenging to achieve for a sissy slave. Eventually it becomes habit. Why this post? Because a certain sissy needs it, and that would be sissy boi mer mer who took it upon herself to email another Mistress for 2 Mistress sessions. I woke . . . → Read More: Protocol For Sissies