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May 2015
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June Stroke Challenge

Are you ready to make a spectacular 4th of July celebration? Yes I fibbed a bit, this cock stroking challenge starts June first and ends July fourth. This requires true cock discipline and edging strokes.

Read the challenge as you listen to the audio:


Starting on the . . . → Read More: June Stroke Challenge

125 Days Of Orgasm Denial

You May Cum

The pool boy earned his orgasm after 125 days of chastity. He begged and pleaded and offered to do a cum eating session if chastity training was terminated…this time that is. I thought he may be at a desperate point since he reached out to me on messenger, so I . . . → Read More: 125 Days Of Orgasm Denial

Memorial Day Audio For Sissies

Jump ahead to listen, the content of this audio goes like this…..

I’m thinking of a special memorial day for sissies. This means putting all of your boy clothes in a pile and creating a ceremonial fire. Adding item after item, enjoying your past life go up in smoke. After long contemplation of . . . → Read More: Memorial Day Audio For Sissies

The Boldest Cuckoldress

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cuckoldress In A French Maid Uniform

Imagine this: A cuckoldress with a penchant for big black dick gets a bit subby for these bulls. No worries here. She is never submissive to her little cuckold husband who possesses the smallest penis ever. Yes, he gets to watch the unusual request . . . → Read More: The Boldest Cuckoldress

Interview With A Mistress

Ask Me Anything!

Today is my interview with Ms Constance. It will be posted on the daily cock when available. Subjects of scheduling, appointments, sex toys, the last man on earth, calls preferred and calls not preferred. Subjects of what I do when not taking calls and if I have ever been violent…no . . . → Read More: Interview With A Mistress

10 Minute Free Is On, Get Yours!

Call For Free!

It’s on all day today. A free ten minute call for you. Come and get it! Details here, and talk to you soon. I will be on until 6pm pacific.

No Orgasm For Pool Boy

109 total days of orgasm denial for chastity boy “pool boy”. Yesterday we had a . . . → Read More: 10 Minute Free Is On, Get Yours!

The Plight Of The Little Cock

Visit Us On Thur And Fri

Thursday and Friday….free ten minute call anyone? Of course you do. I’m thanking everyone who called me last week on my Mistress of the Week event. Someone will be randomly selected for a free ten minute call with me so keep your ears perked!

My Interview

Coming . . . → Read More: The Plight Of The Little Cock

Pecker Checking At The Mall

Cock Cages All In A Row

A Sissie’s Work Is Never Done

Sissy chrissy has been doing a great job in the mall men’s rooms checking peckers. This is mainly to enforce the fact that she mostly does not have one. She now has a new goal. At first she had to spot . . . → Read More: Pecker Checking At The Mall

100 Days For Pool Boy

Will He Beg To Cum?

I will need to make a very difficult decision this week…will pool boy get to cum now that he has reached his target weight and 100 days of orgasm denial. The exceptions have been with him ruining orgasms and enjoying stroking games out of the cage. He certainly . . . → Read More: 100 Days For Pool Boy

Mistress Of The Week Is Now!


Mistress Of The Week

It’s my week, the 4th through the 10th. Give me a call and see if you win a ten minute call with me, any time you would like to use it. I hope you are randomly selected. Good luck! My schedule this week as always . . . → Read More: Mistress Of The Week Is Now!