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March 2016
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Cock Hunting For Mistress Audio

Cuckolding Time!

A cuckold should always have an assignment!


Cock hunting for Mistress? Oh I know this is such a fantasy, but we can dream after all?

Imagine having a nice gym day and you enter the sauna. It’s just you and a big black stud. He notices you . . . → Read More: Cock Hunting For Mistress Audio

How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Abduction and captivity go hand in hand. Often a Giantess scenario will be infused to make it more potent. As the boy shrinks or Mistress grows, containing the slave is much easier.

Abduction And Captivity

A tree lined suburban street, birds singing, wind blowing, a white van pulls up beside that boy who . . . → Read More: How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Another Week Of Orgasm Denial

Spring Into Cock Control

Oh yes, you are seeing this banner a lot lately aren’t you? That’s because it seems chastity training, tease and denial, and cum eaters tend to be seasonal. Sissies are a bit different as they are year around. They just love getting pretty for spring especially, and if they . . . → Read More: Another Week Of Orgasm Denial

A Busy Sissy Audio

It was so much fun talking to sissy felicia today. She is miss “outing”. Give a listen:


It was a sissy felicia day today after so long. She was primed and dressed slutty yesterday for a mall outing, shopping for makeup. She sent me some selfies dressed in . . . → Read More: A Busy Sissy Audio

Domestic Slavery Audio

A Captivity Necklace

So you dream to serve a Mistress without the sissy trimmings or the strict chastity training? Perhaps you love to polish silver and wear a posture collar. Give a listen!


What is a domestic slave? A domestic slave is a “specialty item” specializing in all things household . . . → Read More: Domestic Slavery Audio

61 Days Of Orgasm Denial In The Chastity Cage

A Little Ass Play

It’s time to steam things up for chastity slave locked rob. 61 days is good, and he looks damned happy in his photos. I am going to have to get that prostate massager out for a little quasi cumming, letting some of the juice out. My personal fantasy would . . . → Read More: 61 Days Of Orgasm Denial In The Chastity Cage

Sissy Buttplug Training Audio

I never met a sissy who did not like butt plug training. If you are the exception to the rule, perhaps I could convince you otherwise. Give a listen:


I think it’s time for some intense butt plug training for sissies who have had it a bit too easy.

. . . → Read More: Sissy Buttplug Training Audio

It’s Good Being A Stroke Queen

She Could Be My Sister?

That’s Lagertha, warrior queen of The Vikings. Many say I resemble her. I have to admit, I like her power and strength, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. If you care to, tune in to The History Channel and watch this series every Thursday night. It’s awesome. . . . → Read More: It’s Good Being A Stroke Queen