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November 2016
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Small Cock Adornment

The Silver Tipped Acrylic Cane

Poor Little Cock

Mostly, little cocks are ignored and put on the back shelf. They are degraded, humiliated, and virtually passed over for the large and lovely alpha cock. Well yes, I confess to that, but a good slave with a small cock does deserve recognition.

CFNM Holiday . . . → Read More: Small Cock Adornment

The Queening Party Audio

Imagine being invited to a body worship party. Will you be human furniture or will you be the sissy waitress? Give a listen.


A party of Queens? A body worship slave’s dream. I’m talking about hot corseted Mistresses sitting on your face. You would be so lucky at a Queening . . . → Read More: The Queening Party Audio

104 Days Of Chastity

And The Lucky Cummer is…..

You know what the picture means I’m sure. Someone got to cum. Someone who was deprived of orgasm, locked in chastity, teased but not pleased, and humiliated every day about it. Locked slave rob is now free range and on hiatus after much begging and groveling. After many . . . → Read More: 104 Days Of Chastity

Your Cock Is My Cock Audio

Your audio has arrived. Should you have cock in hand, put it back and do not stroke. This is a denial audio. This erotic audio is for contemplation and why you want to train with me. Should you have cock in hand, I will allow one edge, and that is all. Give a . . . → Read More: Your Cock Is My Cock Audio

The Female Led Relationship Audio

Good boys are hard to find for a FLR. be sure you know what you want!


Before you even consider a female led relationship, begin some intensive researching into what it means to serve a Femdom. A Femdom is a woman in charge of a submissive male who has . . . → Read More: The Female Led Relationship Audio

Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Nope no Cumming Today Either

Impish Mistress Cassandra decides yet again 90 days is not enough. Not rocking the boat in the marriage taken into consideration, the sissy bitch locked slave rob of course can and will perform marital duties if called upon to so. You see, I catch messages from a trainee . . . → Read More: Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Chastity Personal Best

It’s audio day, and what better audio to post than a boy in chastity about to be released. Here it is. Chastity training with me is always a mystery.


Three more days I get to cum

Will Mistress let me, or am I dumb

My personal best in chastity has . . . → Read More: Chastity Personal Best

A Poor Boy In Chastity

And Still A Poor Boy In Chastity

Nice panties by the way, locked slave rob! Too bad I cannot show that in chastity cock but the important thing is you need to do more time. Yesterday was 80 days and I did say maybe after all. I did have all intention of letting . . . → Read More: A Poor Boy In Chastity