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March 2017
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The Sullen Caged Boy

Ms Hunter and I are having a great time training bumbling bildo in humiliation and chastity. I must say I have never seen anyone so gloomy in the chastity cage, but I believe it is sheer drama. He knows his . . . → Read More: Free 10 Min Promo Coming Soon

Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

On His Knees Begging For A Phone Session

Bildo begged for a call today with Ms Hunter and me, so we indulged the hapless little in chastity loser with just that. I wrote about him last week on our other blog as you recall. Today he called to touch bases and to inform . . . → Read More: Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

The Cock Custodian


Your Cock Custodian

Last month was my 10 year anniversary controlling cocks here at LDW. It may be longer, I have to look into the archives, but I was a 20 something budding Domme, destined to be a chastity mistress and masturbation manager.

Training A Submissive

My interest . . . → Read More: The Cock Custodian

Ball Busting While In Chastity Training

Ball Busting With Chastity

An inquiry on a remote topic. I will post the answer here. Would it be o.k. if we could spice up chastity training with some CBT and ball busting? My answer is it would have to be very controlled and gentle for the simple fact that that ring to . . . → Read More: Ball Busting While In Chastity Training

It’s The Time Of The Season For Chastity

What’s your name, who’s your Mistress, is she a bitch, a bitch like me…

An old song Time of the Season by The Zombies, of course the lyrics are completely different. I don’t think chastity training for men was even around back then. Maybe it made it’s debut in the 90’s? Who can . . . → Read More: It’s The Time Of The Season For Chastity

Can You Cum Twice?

The Worship Station

Worship Strokes

Oh I love that picture. The shrine was done awhile back by a chastity slave. Chastity forever I say, although nothing is forever. One day this blog will be floating around as particles in space as curious E.T. try to decipher it…hahaha. Anyways I had inquiries of no . . . → Read More: Can You Cum Twice?

Locked In Pantyhose

Pantyhose Enthusiasts

I do love the pantyhose fetish, and it’s always perfect to talk with an enthused panty hose fetishist. Yes this is me with shiny sheer to the waist pantyhose, I believe Wolfords, provided by pantyhose enthusiast and one time chastity slave fuckie fag boi. Yes I do have a scorpion tattooed . . . → Read More: Locked In Pantyhose

Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Weekend Fun

It’s always great having Matt around for a weekend. Since his work has ended in Phoenix, he does not plan on returning to Los Angeles. He will be staying in Az but move much closer to me. We plan on visiting L.A. for munches and play parties. Something very sparse in . . . → Read More: Guiding Matt’s Masturbation