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April 2017
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Two Chastity Slaves Perform

My Worthy Fucktard

2 Mistress Humiliation Session For Bildo

No that’s not bildo, but he did wear a dunce cap for Ms Hunter and me today. Today bildo surprised us with a bright pink mile high dunce cap. We almost forgave him for being such a needy, whiney, and flakey little beotch, but . . . → Read More: Two Chastity Slaves Perform

Pretty Little Cages

New Cages

Joeanne has new cages and likes them much better than the cb 6000. Tonight we have a stroke and tease session, learning the fine art of edging without orgasm. Three days of free range did not result in super horny chicken without a head behavior. Joeanne is well disciplined and is . . . → Read More: Pretty Little Cages

10 Days Chaste And Counting

A Good Chastity Boy

Joeanne is proving to be a fantastic chastity slave. Two serious cages ordered and on the way from Bon4, ten days in the cb cage so far, and sissy fulfillment clothes delivered yesterday. One item being a panty girdle, which I was asked how does one pee in a . . . → Read More: 10 Days Chaste And Counting

Dr. Cassandra Is In

Meet Dr. Cassandra

The medical fetish, yes I love these, and I had a boy last night who loves these too. I am a special doctor who worked her way through medical school by working in a BDSM dungeon. It’s no surprise to Mistress when a new patient comes in wearing lingerie needing . . . → Read More: Dr. Cassandra Is In

Losing Control In Chastity

Bildo Literally Blew It

After two weeks of chastity training success, bildo blew it in the shower this weekend. Part of an email sent this morning to Ms Hunter and me: “I put the cum in a bourbon sipping glass that had a little water in it with the intent to at least . . . → Read More: Losing Control In Chastity

The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet

New Boy Kink

Ah yes. I love to train the cock control newbies. They show much promise with slow newbie steps, and that is the only way to train them. Sometimes if too hasty and strict, they freak out, disappear, and lose their nerve. I just want to say to newbies is you . . . → Read More: The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet