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May 2018
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A Little Stroke Fest For Q

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q is home again and now locked in chastity again. The device Watchful Mistress has been ordered for a little metal delight. You can read about q’s absence and his subservience to his wife by order of Me and Ms Rika’s writings in his journal.


Poor q did not get all of the sex that he wished for from his wife and got a bit sulky for a day, but remembered Ms Rika’s and My words: NO SULKING! Upon remembering, he became the attentive good husband as all husbands should be. His I’m home email contained much begging for more orgasms before cocklocking. I decided then to make his wish come true not by tease and denial but by orgasm demanding, 4 in a row in fact, but only 2 were achieved. Mind you, in 8 months he has been totally denied and locked up.


Whoever ordered that office chair for Me should check the status of this delivery as it has not arrived. Often boys get drunk, come home from the office party, think about Me, go to My wish list, and buy something outrageous. The next day they say…oh fuck! I can’t afford that, and cancel the purchase. It then just sits there forever as being purchased. Talk about tease and denial! Geeeeze!


A sci fi movie to see is “Inception”, a dream invasion corporate espionage mind fuck. The movie is a visual masterpiece by Christopher Nolan and it’s the winner of several golden globes. The film score was ultra urban industrial modern classical with some Piaf thrown in the mix. I had to watch it twice to get into the  complicated plot, but that was no task at all because My wet dream Cillian Murphy had a major role in the film. You remember him, played a very believable and passable crossdresser slut in “Breakfast on Pluto” This film must be seen. The same night I saw “Splice”, another sci fi with wet dream #2 Adrien Brody. Now this film has a surprise twist in the middle that had Me saying…what the fuck??? (with a smile of perplexed amusement). I won’t give it away.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

6 comments to A Little Stroke Fest For Q

  • castaway

    Mistress Cassandra,

    Glad to see you really enjoyed “Inception”. That was a fantastic time in the movie theater–I have to be really excited about something to see it there nowadays. Christopher Nolan hasn’t made a bad film yet in my opinion, and some of them, like “Memento”, are fantastic. (“The Prestige” also very underrated.) It’s great to see a big blockbuster type film not tied to a comic book, sequel, remake, or marketing department be so successful. Hopefully it’s positive reinforcement for other interesting, original ideas to get opportunities to get their stories told. I’m sure someone with your experience (and your stable, apparently) knows all about the “reinforcement” business.

    • I really wish I had seen it on the big screen. I saw Memento too, another great mind fuck. The Prestige is yet to be seen. Q rented the movie and speculated having a chastity lock as a totem. The question is: would the lock be locked or unlocked during a dream. If one thinks on metaphysical terms, dreams are the real reality and waking state is the illusion.


  • q

    Your lessons have taught me to appreciate all of your gifts; both orgasm (however infrequent) and denial. If I begin to sulk again, I’m sure you will correct my bad behavior appropriately.

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