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June 2018
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Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity

Captivity Slaves At A Glance

Captivity slaves have not changed much through the years. They love the idea of a custom made cell in the basement dungeon with a bed of straw. Orange jump suits, shackles on the wall and portable shackles. Torture implements in plain view hanging from a rack on the stone wall. A Mistress in a prison guard uniform with strict leather stiletto boots. He shudders at infractions which lengthen his sentence in the cell, in chastity, and mostly both.

Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Lock Down

Chastity cages for captivity slaves are always silicon cages with a plastic restraint for a lock. There will be no sharp objects to file off the restraint. The cage is inspected daily by the Femdom prison guards. While in captivity, the slave is spot checked any time of day or night. Why did he become prisoner. In this realm of BDSM, he requested it and agreed to the rules.

Captivity Phone Sessions

I’m looking for the perfect captivity slave for phone sessions. He must not be married, it will not work unless his wife is into prison guard femdom. He must have a so mentioned dungeon equipped with all of the bells and whistles. Ideally he will work at home on the computer so a cam is available and maybe a time release for the door lock for business trips or other duties which require him to be away from home. As far as food goes, his wife prison guard or a “meals on wheels” type service will be arranged.

The Best Slave

Sometimes a captivity slave will be immersed in the fantasy where he can be trusted to keep the cage on, the cell locked, and successfully denied orgasm. This is the best slave because he will not be careless. He will truly worship femdom and psychological mind fuck games. Are you out there?

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



2 comments to Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity

  • Ms. Cassandra, your call for captivity slaves is both loud and clear…loved the blog! It would take quite the man to be able to do this successfully and the rewards would be thrilling for him. What do you do with these pets after they are paroled?

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