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April 2018
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The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Leave it to fuckie fag boi to send me a picture of another brilliant idea. A cookie jar for the large set.


Would you like some cookies with you chastity key? An interesting discovery by slave fuckie. The cookie jar for the food addict , set on a timer to . . . → Read More: The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Cuckold Endurance Audio

As they say every relationship is different. The new cuckold would have to endure a grueling bootcamp I would say:


learning to love sucking cock for a cuckold should be easy. Simply, he will do anything Mistress says. Mistress will break cucky in, in a very strategic way. She will begin . . . → Read More: Cuckold Endurance Audio

The Tramp Stamp Audio

I figured it out. Here ya go! Word for word. Doing erotic audios is fun and addicting.


So finally it came time for the cuckoldress to prepare for her honeymoon with the biggest and best of bulls, Leroy! Leroys’s cock measures twelve inches and as thick as the cuckoldress . . . → Read More: The Tramp Stamp Audio

Pimple Penis Thimble Stuffing

Oh how cute it is. Surely we will find a use for it. A little audio for the under endowed! Give a listen if you are a sissy with a little dick…or if you are a wannabe sissy with a little dick too. Poor little loser 🙂



Stuffing . . . → Read More: Pimple Penis Thimble Stuffing

The New Cuckold Audio

I had a brilliant call today with a new cuckold and first time cocksucker…soon to come. He has only had the cream pie. His interest in fluff and blowjob was definitely out in the open. Give a listen if you like cuckold cum eating. THE NEW CUCKOLD

So, Mr. cuckold soon to be . . . → Read More: The New Cuckold Audio

Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

As promised, here is your stroke to midnight audio. 2 minutes and 14 seconds, so time accordingly. Those in strict denial, too bad, not you. But all can stroke, that is if you don’t have a cock cage on. All fetishes prepare. Set the stage. Let’s finish off this year , put it . . . → Read More: Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

NYE Orgasm Options

Happy New Year

It’s that time of the year again, and everyone wants to cum on the stroke of midnight. I can’t be in 10 or more places at once so I have decided to make an erotic audio for you to play a few minutes before midnight. Now those of you in . . . → Read More: NYE Orgasm Options

Stepford Sissies Audio

After a conversation about The Stepford Wives movie with a sissy boi, I was inspired to make this audio. Enjoy and let me know what you think in a comment here. No email critique please.


Submissive and just perfectly groomed, aren’t you sissy? Some of you little faggy ones imagine . . . → Read More: Stepford Sissies Audio

The Queening Party Audio

Imagine being invited to a body worship party. Will you be human furniture or will you be the sissy waitress? Give a listen.


A party of Queens? A body worship slave’s dream. I’m talking about hot corseted Mistresses sitting on your face. You would be so lucky at a Queening . . . → Read More: The Queening Party Audio

Your Cock Is My Cock Audio

Your audio has arrived. Should you have cock in hand, put it back and do not stroke. This is a denial audio. This erotic audio is for contemplation and why you want to train with me. Should you have cock in hand, I will allow one edge, and that is all. Give a . . . → Read More: Your Cock Is My Cock Audio