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July 2018
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Chastity Slaves Love Pass The Penis

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Cages Excite Me

I can’t help it! I love that picture epitomizing a perfect chastity cage. There is is, in it’s full metal splendor! Oh…within two days, two boys reported their computers infested with viruses from porn sites. Free porn sites can have their price. I have said it before, beware, it’s a jungle in here!

It's time to polish my shoes boy, crawl with tongue ready!

Pass The Penis Fun With Locked Rob

Pass the penis was in full force this morning, that is, no force of cumming ya know. That is locked slave bob had a splendid opportunity to stroke his cock with three hot Mistresses, me being one. Of course I take him last to end the call in complete orgasm denial. Today is day number 45. The porn shop assignment was a bust. No pretty rubber clad checker was working, just a guy who looked like “Jesus” from The Walking Dead, except wizened and burned out. Their selection of butt plugs sucked, just uneventful for the boy in chastity. Next assignment may prove to be frustrating though. There is a college nearby. Guess who will be going out for walks more often? I will pull more out from underneath my glove.

Coached Cum Eating Finale

I enjoy more pass the penis calls with a cum cocktail at the end, a whole lineup of maybe six boys who have either specified cum eating at the end of the phone fantasy call, or Mistress’s choice. It would depend on my mood of course what that decision would be.



Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

2 comments to Chastity Slaves Love Pass The Penis

  • locked slave rob

    Well it was a great session of p.p.! All the Mistresses were great and as their wish i was left denied and blue balled. my balls still ache, however i would do it again in a second! Devoted to my Mistress Cassandra! Weather getting warmer here in Nebraska and college girls will not disappoint.

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