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July 2018
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Cocksucking For Cuckolds

Not Only For Cuckolds

Cocksucking is not only for cuckolds of course. I was inspired from the last two phone fantasy calls I just had, one with a cuckold fantasy and the other with a cocksucking fantasy. Both can eventually meet, after all. The first boy was a full on sissy that knew more about makeup than I did. She also had a panty hose fetish and a fantasy of being owned by a Master with a huge cock. The fantasy went where I put him on loaner, and he becomes submissive to a male in the BDSM scene.

Cocksucking For Cuckolds: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cocksucking Training

He was trained in cocksucking with strap on dildos, each becoming more and more huge. The emphasis was getting layers of lipstick on the dicks, and then re-application done in a sensual way. Added was butt plugs of graduating size because this Master had a friend who would join in at the other end.

The Cuckold Discovery Boy

The cuckold fantasy boy was more of a discovery fetish where his hot wife brings home the quintessential big black dick. The boy had been stealing her panties for awhile but knew. It was time for her to move on from the tiny little cock to the big black monster dick, so the stage was set. Husbore would dress full on sissy, change the sheets, do sissy things like make appetizers and chill champagne. The rest of course is the cuckold scenario where he must perform cocksucking on the bull to prove his worth in the triad.

The Happy Ending

Both fantasies worked escalated to a happy ending for the bull and the Masters. Of course the sissy cuckold submissives had happy endings as well. Bi-cocksucking is a very popular theme in my profession. The possibilities are many! Get practicing.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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