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August 2018
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Day 15 Of Your Stroke And Edge

Stroke And Edge To This Picture

Stroke And Edge To This Picture

Today is day 15. How are you doing with it? A little audio to tease you more then? Here it is.


Welcome to day 15 of your 34 day stroke and edge challenge. I have not heard much news from some of you. Does this mean you have failed your mission? Does this mean your cock has a mind of it’s own? Well, those of you who have successfully followed my directions, I’m very proud of you.

I’ve decided to give day 15 double time. Today I want you to stroke and edge 30 times. You are still in orgasm denial, you will not cum. If you focus on the picture I posted on the left, edge to it 30 times imagining being down on your knees in front of me, nose as close to that sweet pussy of mine as possible.

I’m sure you fantasize about me sitting on your face as you continue to your 30th edge. Right now your balls must be swollen and aching to cum? There will be no cumming today. Your balls stay as they are, swollen and blue.

You may lick your precum however, or you may use that copious precum as slippery, slidy lube. Possibly you have run out of lube..use that precum! Don’t bother begging me and bribing me with “Mistress if you allow me to cum on this 15th day, I swear I will eat my cum for you“. NO, I say, a big fat NO!

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