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September 2018
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Double Mistress Fun With Ms Catherine

Double Mistress Calls

Double Mistress sessions continue to be one of my favorites. Perhaps with the perk program, which will be posted in a bit, you could save some pennies and indulge more in a two Mistress phone fantasy call. I just had my first two goddess call with Ms Catherine talking to cum eater Tom who, as usual, gave us two loads of cum to eat. Ms Catherine was not familiar with him and wanted to put him in orgasm denial, in her smooth lovely British accent, who could resist. Tom knows what he needs, and cum eating it is. Ms Catherine is fabulously strict with the sexiest English accent!



Double Mistress Fun With Ms Catherine: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

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Self Bondage Saga Will Continue Next Time

Double mistress trumped fuckie fag boi’s self bondage today simply because two goddesses will always trump the slave. Not to say that BDSM bondage fun is not exciting. I simply have to save it till next time as I edit the draft. The call just done with Ms Catherine and tommy cum eater was too irresistible. Next post!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

14 comments to Double Mistress Fun With Ms Catherine

  • Oh god. I cannot even imagine you and Ms. Catherine together! That’s not even fair, and I almost feel sorry for the boy who ends up taking the both of you on. But then again, if he’s silly enough to walk into that trap, he deserves what he gets! 😉

  • I love 2 Mistress calls! It’s a fabulous change for more wicked fun AND it’s also a wonderful way for any Mistress/owner to “show off” a special submissive. I can’t even imagine you AND Ms Catherine on a call together … makes me “almost” feel sorry for him …. but then again … NO! ~laughs~

    • Mistress Cassandra

      Ha…this is a cum eater boy and Ms Catherine wanted him denied! She is sooooo cruel 🙂

    • Tom

      Miss Olivia, See my response to Goddess Mandy, don’t feel sorry for me unless I am deprived of my daily dose of cum!! Head Mistress Erika and Miss Cassandra won’t let that happen! Tom.

  • Ecock

    To be a cum eater to be denied… mmmmm

  • Goddess Mandy

    Ohhhh Ms.Cassandra I am sure that Tom felt like a VERY lucky cum-eater having the chance to speak with both of you incredibly sexy Goddesses!! But even with Ms. Catherine’s sexy accent and strictness I applaud Tom for resisting and getting that creamy deliciousness that he came for!! 🙂

    • Mistress Cassandra

      He had a good time eating all 2 loads Ms Mandy!

    • Tom

      Goddess Mandy,

      Head Mistress Erika and MissCassandra bring “out” the best of me. They have made me into a cum loving and cock sucking slut! I can’t go a day without savoring that wonderful white splooge. Often times on oysters, fruit and directly from the tip of a cock, Yum, Yum, Yum. Tom

  • Tom

    Miss Cassandra, Wow that was quick! You are correct, Miss Catherine’s English accent is very sexy! Tom

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