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July 2018
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Ignore Phone Session…Six Hours

A Nice Surprise

Ignore phone session that topped the rest, even fuckie fag bois when in Rome. This was a request last weekend while Matt was in town. Perfect timing too as we just got back from grocery shopping. Matt made us a spectacular dinner of Thai chicken swimming in coconut curry and vegetables. White wine, Thai sticky rice, just magnificent. Then I get a call from the office for a request from “Mute-tation” what he calls himself.

Ignore Phone Session...Six Hours : Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Ignore Phone Session Mechanics

An ignore phone session mostly lasts 20 to 30 min for wannabes, but a real ignore fetishist will hang on till his phone dies, which was the case. I put the speakerphone on most of the time so I can tell if he is stroking his cock or cums and hangs up. If he is doing masturbation enjoyment, I will give him the whistle. Never ever talk to an ignore boy as he is an object unworthy of conversation. Words are only heard if I am talking to someone else. He may mute, but if he does, and I figure it out, the whistle.

The Loser Word

He craves humiliation badly, and wants to hear the loser word, but he gets nothing. This is his fetish, the ignore phone session boy. He is told his instructions at the beginning of the call. He will not tease and stroke his cock, he will not make any detectable sound whatsoever. One time I heard a boy actually fart…whistle!

Awwww…Not Even A Verbal Goodbye

During dinner, Matt and I discussed the next BDSM play party in Hollywood next month. This is the Halloween event. No costumes were decided yet but we have reserved the “classroom” room for a little corporal discipline play. This was discussed and I’m sure ignore boy had an earful of chastity training and the like. An hour into Matt being human furniture while we watched a movie, I heard the dial tone. Battery died or clandestine cumming…

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


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