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September 2018
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Nipple Play Delicious Torture

Nipple Play Gauge

Nipple play in various degrees of pain is illustrated in the image below. Let’s face it, dice rolls and new ideas are always necessary for keeping the interest in any kind of BDSM trainingNipple Play Delicious Torture: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Self Bondage Will Have It’s Own Page

With fuckie fag, we use “clothepegs” exclusively for their ease and availability, however, for a sissy they should be painted pink. A pink magic marker would work well. I like nipple play with bondage. The bondage story has made it to page status. Look for the page at the top. It’s much too delicious to post consecutively. This way all can read at leisure.

Plugged And Clamped

Today we had a call where the sissy slut is plugged 30 minutes before the call, to be plugged four hours during the day of calls which is 3 calls per week. Today, we shortened the plug time because of extreme discomfort, I decided to work slowly with this. However the nipple torture stayed as such. The slut heads up to London tomorrow enfemme to a Bobbi Brown makeup counter for a makeover. While there, sissy will do other shopping as well. She will take the train back and forth in her girlie wear and makeup. She also surprised me with a black wig styled in a bob.

Oh You Told Her That!

The cocksucking assignments will hopefully proceed when she goes to New York. She has a  working girl there that may have some hosts for the slut, but I’m not sure of this because today she told me she is not a pro domme. I approved of the letter she wrote to her but didn’t know she is vanilla. The fag has not heard back. I think she was very shocked and ran away. Talk about outed!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

1 comment to Nipple Play Delicious Torture

  • fuckie fag boi

    I definitely feel outed Mistress, I will speak to her when I get to New York, maybe she will come around to the idea when she hears the full description of the assignment, or sees me on my knees with a collar and chain around my neck? or dressed en femme even?

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