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July 2018
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Stroking With Ice Is Nice

Stroking With A Bag O’ Cubes

Stroking with ice helps boys who lose control. It works like a charm, as it did this morning with a boy who often loses it in mid stroke. I suggest a baggie full of ice cubes, a cold pack that easily wraps around dick. The cold pack is useless on a long call, a bag of ice is much better. No dry ice, you already know that.

Stroking With Ice Is Nice Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Stroke And Cum

This morning’s masturbation management event did end up with orgasm granted. It does happen now and again. This boy is best managed with cumming every other call, otherwise I get pestered with tons of groveling emails which I mostly ignore. Strokeage today began with a cord tying the balls tight, three rubber bands under the head which gets snapped when he is losing control, a ruler for a little impact play, clothespins for the balls, lube, and of course ice. A small rug was ordered for kneeling.

Icing And Edging

With each edge, ice is applied to the head which in his words does not work and only makes him hornier. This is because he is a CBT pain slut and likes the icy agony. He would do well with chastity in a spiked cage. Cum eating is not his thing, just stroking, tease and denial, and complete orgasm denial. Nothing fancy, no fancy toys. In the end he did cum. Now he will disappear for a little bit and come back with casual emails which means he wants to call for a tease with pain session.

Wishlist Is Updated

Finally I have updated my wish list. Just about everything on it was no longer available. I have not listed lingerie because I am swimming in it, as well as high domely heels. Practical things are listed so far and my birthday is coming next month. No hint, just do 🙂

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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