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November 2017
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Stroking With Ice Is Nice

Stroking With A Bag O’ Cubes

Stroking with ice helps boys who lose control. It works like a charm, as it did this morning with a boy who often loses it in mid stroke. I suggest a baggie full of ice cubes, a cold pack that easily wraps around dick. The cold pack is . . . → Read More: Stroking With Ice Is Nice

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Medical Fetishism Beginnings

Medical Fetishism is one of my very favorite playtime pastimes. I remember back in Los Angeles being introduced to it by a dear Mistress friend and mentor, Ms G. She had a slave husband who was in chastity much of the time. She had a playroom in their house which was . . . → Read More: Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Small Penis Humiliation Popularity

Small penis humiliation never loses it’s popularity. This week, I had six phone humiliation callers with small cocks in a row. One lady here wrote a blog post on small penis empowerment, well not me. The small cocks have the brains, so just be happy with that. It could be . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Locked In Pantyhose

Pantyhose Enthusiasts

I do love the pantyhose fetish, and it’s always perfect to talk with an enthused panty hose fetishist. Yes this is me with shiny sheer to the waist pantyhose, I believe Wolfords, provided by pantyhose enthusiast and one time chastity slave fuckie fag boi. Yes I do have a scorpion tattooed . . . → Read More: Locked In Pantyhose

The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Leave it to fuckie fag boi to send me a picture of another brilliant idea. A cookie jar for the large set.


Would you like some cookies with you chastity key? An interesting discovery by slave fuckie. The cookie jar for the food addict , set on a timer to . . . → Read More: The Chastity Key Cookie Jar Audio

Your Cock Is My Cock Audio

Your audio has arrived. Should you have cock in hand, put it back and do not stroke. This is a denial audio. This erotic audio is for contemplation and why you want to train with me. Should you have cock in hand, I will allow one edge, and that is all. Give a . . . → Read More: Your Cock Is My Cock Audio

Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Nope no Cumming Today Either

Impish Mistress Cassandra decides yet again 90 days is not enough. Not rocking the boat in the marriage taken into consideration, the sissy bitch locked slave rob of course can and will perform marital duties if called upon to so. You see, I catch messages from a trainee . . . → Read More: Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Chastity Personal Best

It’s audio day, and what better audio to post than a boy in chastity about to be released. Here it is. Chastity training with me is always a mystery.


Three more days I get to cum

Will Mistress let me, or am I dumb

My personal best in chastity has . . . → Read More: Chastity Personal Best

Another On The Train To Sin City

A Work Of Art


Yep, that’s a Paul McCarthy sculpture, found by fuckie fag boi a few years back. I’m sure this piece had a lot of mixed reactions in Rome….

No Yahoo Msgr

Anyways, I have been meaning to remind everyone that the new Yahoo Messenger does not work on my . . . → Read More: Another On The Train To Sin City

Humiliation With Sugar On Top

Sissy Humiliation, Most Appreciated

I do love humiliation calls, especially with sissies because they appreciate it so much. A sissy will never expect a Mistress to raise her voice during a humiliation phone session. They mostly prefer the sweet and condescending style, a subtle but very harsh humiliation delivered with a smile. Yes . . . → Read More: Humiliation With Sugar On Top