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September 2017
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Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Human Lampshade Humiliation Objectification

Lampshade humiliation is for boys into being objectified in an odd and different manner. The versatile part of this human object genre is a Mistress can “fit the fetish”. She may dress the object as a sissy, harnessed, in CBT gear, or anything that pertains to the slave. Of . . . → Read More: Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Weekend Fun

It’s always great having Matt around for a weekend. Since his work has ended in Phoenix, he does not plan on returning to Los Angeles. He will be staying in Az but move much closer to me. We plan on visiting L.A. for munches and play parties. Something very sparse in . . . → Read More: Guiding Matt’s Masturbation

Ye Olde Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish

I used to smoke a bit, quite a bit. Now I do not smoke per say. I have a few cigarettes hanging around for smoking fetishists. There is no chance I would get hooked again because I am very athletic. I work out in a gym, and I hike canyons. . . . → Read More: Ye Olde Smoking Fetish

The Female Led Relationship Audio

Good boys are hard to find for a FLR. be sure you know what you want!


Before you even consider a female led relationship, begin some intensive researching into what it means to serve a Femdom. A Femdom is a woman in charge of a submissive male who has . . . → Read More: The Female Led Relationship Audio

Four Inches Of Fun Audio

Small penis empowerment! That’s what I call it. These are the times of being grateful for what we have. Yeah, yeah Mistress, you say, after all it’s always big dicks first! Some ladies prefer the non wear and tear for good reason. They are are waiting for the right partner eventually. A well . . . → Read More: Four Inches Of Fun Audio

Introducing The Giantess Fantasy Blog Audio

The audio flavor of this week is for all of you tiny boys shrunken by a dominant and crafty Giantess Mistress!


I’m happy to announce our new Giantess blog, Giantess Phone Sex¬†, where all of your Giantess fantasies will come true. Each Giantess will post something . . . → Read More: Introducing The Giantess Fantasy Blog Audio

CFNM and the Submissive

CFNM For Submissive Of All Kinds

CFNM to me is the fun category of BDSM. It is a kinky performance adventure performed by a somewhat submissive slave by direction of one or more mistresses. I say “somewhat” submissive male because some males will not do anything else, so in effect they are “bottoms”. . . . → Read More: CFNM and the Submissive

Pony Boy Slave Training Audio

I do love to ride ponies. Give a listen!


Awhile back I had several pony boys who were very loyal servants. One boy in particular was very athletic and a chastity slave. I kept him in a Bon4 to accomodate his lifestyle and also his pony training.

The grace and . . . → Read More: Pony Boy Slave Training Audio

The Smoking Fetishist

Open Your Mouth, Ashtray


Ah, the smoking fetishist. In this day when smoking is so frowned upon, the breath, the clothing, the home, all reeking of tobacco. The Mistress smelling of smoke from an expensive Dunhill cigarette, makes for a very powerful smoking fetish. Forbidden, exciting, rule breaking, and rebellious. . . . → Read More: The Smoking Fetishist

CFNM Mistress Style

A Mistress Audience

It’s been decided that santa’s little helpers will be three little sissies dressed in red girlie santa dresses. The details will not be given at this time but the audience will be four of us. Meredith, Mandy, Violet, and me. What a fun little XXX-Mas story it will be.

CFNM . . . → Read More: CFNM Mistress Style