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February 2018
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Self Bondage For The Brave Of Heart

Creative Self Bondage

Self bondage is not new by any means. Unbeknownst to me, fuckie fag boy practiced this brave and solitary BDSM game awhile back, and now it has been brought to my attention. On this blog, he will be sharing the techniques and experience, and be warned it can be dangerous. It . . . → Read More: Self Bondage For The Brave Of Heart

Fetish Tattoos For Sissies and Cuckolds

Fetish Tattoos For Fetish Boys

Fetish tattoos on a slave of any type is a tribute to his Mistress. It is on the assignment menu for most Mistresses along with dick piercings for chastity cages. Tramp stamp banners across a sissies lower back with “Property of Mistress…” is very amusing when a sissy bends . . . → Read More: Fetish Tattoos For Sissies and Cuckolds

Locked In Pantyhose

Pantyhose Enthusiasts

I do love the pantyhose fetish, and it’s always perfect to talk with an enthused panty hose fetishist. Yes this is me with shiny sheer to the waist pantyhose, I believe Wolfords, provided by pantyhose enthusiast and one time chastity slave fuckie fag boi. Yes I do have a scorpion tattooed . . . → Read More: Locked In Pantyhose

Truck Stop Sissy Audio

I couldn’t help but think about truck stop sissies while passing truck stops on my move to Arizona. They are more common than you think. Listen on….


What do you do with a sissy who wears cowboy hats and rides horses while she’s not in sissy mode? You take her . . . → Read More: Truck Stop Sissy Audio

The Cocklettes

Erotic Audio of the Week

It’s Academy Awards Day. What better day than academy awards day to award sissies for their talent as well? Me, I won’t be watching them. Tonight is The Walking Dead, and I’m there 🙂 Listen to this fun audio:


The awards can be:

Best sissy in . . . → Read More: The Cocklettes

Blue Light Boi

Fuckie Fag Boi’s New Assignment

We are at it again, fuckie fag boi and me, dreaming up assignments to top the last one. Fuckie has been swooning over she males for the past year, so I suggested a trip to Amsterdam to the “blue light district”. The blue light district features chicks with . . . → Read More: Blue Light Boi

Pantyhose Cum Shot

Cassandraville Toll Booth Ahead

Skype Cum Eating Show

Skype shows are always fun to view if the viewing is interesting. I have talked to this boy before. His begging for chastity training emails amuse me, because he is only good for one call, maybe once a year. I let him cum before he . . . → Read More: Pantyhose Cum Shot

Fun With Stockings And Pantyhose Audio

Stockings And Pantyhose

Your weekly audio: Fun With Stockings and Pantyhose! Enjoy and do not forget to wish Mistress a happy birthday tomorrow. Generosity and wish list gifts are always appreciated! The picture is my stockings and pantyhose collection provided by fuckie fag boi.


We can certainly go . . . → Read More: Fun With Stockings And Pantyhose Audio

Pantyhose Protocol Audio

This week’s audio fuckie fag boi is sure to like. Take advantage of our weekend “sale”, give us a call for the nice price, on till tomorrow.


Did you know that pantyhose dates all the way back to the fashionable Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century? So many pantyhose fetish selections . . . → Read More: Pantyhose Protocol Audio

It’s Raining Chastity Slaves Again

It’s Nice To Have A Collection

The Chastity Stable Is Growing

There is nothing wrong with a little rain. I wouldn’t exactly say it is raining, but let’s say the chastity stable is filling up, and all of them sissies. All are dutiful with handing in assignments, and all do as they are . . . → Read More: It’s Raining Chastity Slaves Again