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April 2018
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Human Animal Humiliation Role Play

Various Human Animal Role Plays

Human animal role play is one of my most favorite Mistress activities and fantasies. My style has no abuse of course, just strict training, rote memorization, clicker training, and if you are a pony, some cropping.  Doggies get newspaper and leash training humiliation, monkeys get the captivity cage, hamsters . . . → Read More: Human Animal Humiliation Role Play

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Medical Fetishism Beginnings

Medical Fetishism is one of my very favorite playtime pastimes. I remember back in Los Angeles being introduced to it by a dear Mistress friend and mentor, Ms G. She had a slave husband who was in chastity much of the time. She had a playroom in their house which was . . . → Read More: Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Reindeer Games For Strokers And All

GET READY TO PLAY OUR ENCHANTING REINDEER GAME! Time to celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you . . . → Read More: Reindeer Games For Strokers And All

The Stroker Boy Worship Shrine

A New Stroke Pet

Matty stroker made this shrine after days of stroking and edging. The assignment proved to be very grueling, so he needed a break. Stroking less and to the shrine, added variety to his instructions. Today he is on a whole week of zero stroke unless he sees his girlfriend.

. . . → Read More: The Stroker Boy Worship Shrine

Mistress Of The Week Is Now!


Mistress Of The Week

It’s my week, the 4th through the 10th. Give me a call and see if you win a ten minute call with me, any time you would like to use it. I hope you are randomly selected. Good luck! My schedule this week as always . . . → Read More: Mistress Of The Week Is Now!

Ignoring Alex

Welcoming Back Strokepet Alex

Strokepet alex has come out of the woodwork after a very long time. Why so? It seems the pet was almost caught by his wife and was under observation finding privacy an issue. Poor, poor boy! After we caught up on news, he was promptly ignored as I did . . . → Read More: Ignoring Alex

Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

Chastity Training

Chastity training via phone is in the middle. Since I have been doing it for awhile, I have it down. It requires checking in, it requires patience, it requires hand holding. Chastity slaves tend to be on the needy side, well who wouldn’t be when a cock is locked and loaded. . . . → Read More: Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

Phone Domination Made Easy

The Art of Phone Domination

How Hard Are You?

It doesn’t have to be hard :0 , well, yes it does. At least in the beginning of the session it should be soft so you can concentrate where we are going. Phone domination once upon a time was not imaginable. How can you . . . → Read More: Phone Domination Made Easy

A Clever Sissy Is A Useful Sissy

Sissy Certificate of Merit

A clever sissy is a useful sissy. vanessas certificate is a good touch for the end of the year. Now to think of some new year’s assignments for hungry sissies and bad gurl crossdressers. My availability for the weekend is quite a bit and all over the board except . . . → Read More: A Clever Sissy Is A Useful Sissy

CBT With Pervertables

An empty milk jug on a parachute harness is a pervertable

What are Pervertables

I had a great call with a CBT boy last week that inspired me to write about pervertables. Pervertables are simply found things around the home or in 99 cent stores that have the potential to be affordable and . . . → Read More: CBT With Pervertables