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September 2017
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Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Small Penis Humiliation Popularity

Small penis humiliation never loses it’s popularity. This week, I had six phone humiliation callers with small cocks in a row. One lady here wrote a blog post on small penis empowerment, well not me. The small cocks have the brains, so just be happy with that. It could be . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Revisited

Tease And Denial Sissy Style

Sissy Needs Tease And Denial

A sissy can be an orgasm denial chore. She needs to be handled with Mistress gloves in order for tease and denial to be successful. What guarantees success varies from sissy to sissy. Most effective is keep them in chastity, but it must be served with plenty of . . . → Read More: Tease And Denial Sissy Style

A Classy Sissy Calls

Super Sissy Brandy

I had the best time this morning with brandy bree, sissy extraordinaire. It’s about time we hooked up too, being from the bay area like I am. We discussed the same tranny clubs, glory holes, strip clubs, adult book stores that were once there and gone. She found it quite . . . → Read More: A Classy Sissy Calls

10 Days Chaste And Counting

A Good Chastity Boy

Joeanne is proving to be a fantastic chastity slave. Two serious cages ordered and on the way from Bon4, ten days in the cb cage so far, and sissy fulfillment clothes delivered yesterday. One item being a panty girdle, which I was asked how does one pee in a . . . → Read More: 10 Days Chaste And Counting

The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet

New Boy Kink

Ah yes. I love to train the cock control newbies. They show much promise with slow newbie steps, and that is the only way to train them. Sometimes if too hasty and strict, they freak out, disappear, and lose their nerve. I just want to say to newbies is you . . . → Read More: The Fledgeling Cock Control Pet

The Cock Custodian


Your Cock Custodian

Last month was my 10 year anniversary controlling cocks here at LDW. It may be longer, I have to look into the archives, but I was a 20 something budding Domme, destined to be a chastity mistress and masturbation manager.

Training A Submissive

My interest . . . → Read More: The Cock Custodian

The Sissy Pageant!

It’s coming up, and the details are right here

Get Wild!

As every year goes by, sissy gurls get wilder and wilder in this pageant. I’m looking forward to this year’s voting selections, getting on EE for a change to put my two cents in. So get ready ladies, gurls, sissies, trannies, and . . . → Read More: The Sissy Pageant!

The Cuckold Honeymoon

Audios On Hiatus

Sorry to report, erotic audios are put on hold for a little while. With the upgrade of my machine, the audio program is not compatible for the company posting requirements. I’ll be working on it. However that will not stop me from blogging about my favorite things like cuckolding. I . . . → Read More: The Cuckold Honeymoon

The New Cuckold Audio

I had a brilliant call today with a new cuckold and first time cocksucker…soon to come. He has only had the cream pie. His interest in fluff and blowjob was definitely out in the open. Give a listen if you like cuckold cum eating. THE NEW CUCKOLD

So, Mr. cuckold soon to be . . . → Read More: The New Cuckold Audio

Sissy Shoe Sales Gurl Audio

Have the “I hate my job” blues sissy? How about listening to this audio for a change of scene. You may discover your true vocation, and you will have so many employee discounts, perks, and fun. Oh but not in just any store.


Sissies often dislike their jobs . . . → Read More: Sissy Shoe Sales Gurl Audio