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September 2018
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Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

Seeing You Girlie

Transgender advising is one of my most loved session choices. Yesterday I had the pleasure of advising a precious gurl whom I have been coaching sessions ago. Soon she will be a woman who underwent reassignment surgery. I love seeing transformations and passable trans gurls right on my screen discussing makeup . . . → Read More: Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London

Sissy Shopping For FFB

Sissy shopping is by far my fave assignment for all sissy gurls. LaFag (aka fuckie fag boi) had some great finds to bring home . A bra fitting was in order too. I would show the pretty pink card which was proof but the sales associate put LaFag’s boy name . . . → Read More: LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London

Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Cock management needs a strong lubricant, I prefer coconut oil for cooking and cock stroking put in a bottle labeled “The Denial Bottle” Listen to this erotic audio stroke pets and sissies:


The bottle of lubricant is rightfully named “The Denial Bottle” . Boys on orgasm denial programs, cock control, and . . . → Read More: Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Erotic audio recorded and provided by me. Be careful what you wish for sissy. One day you will meet a Mistress that will hold you to it. Give a listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.


Erotic Audio Bad Gurl Sissy

He said to me on . . . → Read More: Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

Get Inked and Show Your Devotion!

Feminization tattoos seem to be an ongoing obsession with many sissies. Some will go the length, but often it is just a dream, the desire to be tattooed, branded or scarified for Mistress. A gurl wrote this in my comments and it inspired this post:

“It’s been a . . . → Read More: Feminization Tattoos: The Devoted Sissy

How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

Hey sissy slut! Here is my weekly audio just for you!


I would begin with clothes make the gurl. Slutty clothes are plentiful in thrift stores where so many sissies donate because so many sissies purge. Their loss is your gain! I’m hoping . . . → Read More: How To Be A Sissy Slut In A Few Steps

Anal Play For Beginners And Ass Whores

Anal Play For Fun

Anal play is suggested often, I believe five in ten callers will request it. Some days everyone wants it. Some have toys ready and riding before the call starts. Anal plugs are often used first to loosen that hole, small, medium, and large. Lately I am suggesting inflatable butt plugs . . . → Read More: Anal Play For Beginners And Ass Whores

Sissy Stilettos, Walk The Talk

Sissy Stilettos Essentials

Sissy donna is learning to walk the talk in stilettos. Sissy stilettos are sized larger and mostly bought at tranny stores. You won’t find Prada’s in sissy sizes unless you have little feet to match your little dick. How does one look feminine walking in heels. Believe me I have seen . . . → Read More: Sissy Stilettos, Walk The Talk

Chastity Talk About Cylinder Locks

The Cylinder Lock Chastity Talk Topic

Chastity talk today  is a short essay of the chastity cage for fuckie fag bois five and a half year sentence. I definitely approve this for men and sissies alike.

The fags teste-imony except she has no dick to speak of:

Mistress, as we discussed here is . . . → Read More: Chastity Talk About Cylinder Locks

Sissification And Chastity Training

Sissies In Cages

Sissification is nothing new on this blog, nor is chastity training. I have challenged sissies ages ago into the cage, but often enough they rejected the challenge. Not so much anymore because they realized too much time was spent jerking off in pink nylon panties. I get it, the fetish is . . . → Read More: Sissification And Chastity Training