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September 2018
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Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Cock management needs a strong lubricant, I prefer coconut oil for cooking and cock stroking put in a bottle labeled “The Denial Bottle” Listen to this erotic audio stroke pets and sissies:


The bottle of lubricant is rightfully named “The Denial Bottle” . Boys on orgasm denial programs, cock control, and . . . → Read More: Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

CBT Play Make Your Day!

CBT play is always interesting and creative with the toys that compliment it. One of the Princesses here had an interesting call last night involving cards a boy had made. The Princess called a number from one to twenty 26. He was then ordered to do the cbt card . . . → Read More: CBT Play Dice Rolls For Pain Sluts

Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Stroker boys on the phone sex circuit call for discipline and control. Why use the term “unbroke” as one refers to a wild horse? This is how he starts, and this is why he calls for cock control. His masturbation may have taken over his life, and he needs a masturbatrix to train him . . . → Read More: Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Chastity Lite, Give It A Try

Chastity Lite, Allright!

Chastity lite does require a chastity cage so be sure to have one on hand. I had fun with one of my boys who claims to be afraid to try a chastity training program. No problem. Since it is done by hours, not days or months, or even years, it’s a . . . → Read More: Chastity Lite, Give It A Try

Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

What Is A Splooge Boy?

Splooge boy meaning, in case you want to know, is really easy to figure out. Splooge is cum, and a splooge boy cums, eats it, jerks off quite a bit, may work in a glory hole with a pail and mop, and has anything to do with stroking his . . . → Read More: Splooge Boy Tom Loves To Eat That Cum

Chastity Games For The New Year

Chastity Games And Denial Dice

Chastity games keep the interest up while enduring the challenge of chastity training. when I run out of ideas or just too busy to crawl the web, fuckie fag boi always seems to come up with a new plan. Fuckie writes:

Mistress happy new year and happy chastity games

. . . → Read More: Chastity Games For The New Year

Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

Coached Cum Eating Is An Acquired Taste

Coached cum eating is an acquired taste, pun intended. If you have never eaten your cum and repel at the thought, then this post is for you. Start out slow and start out with sweet or salty pre-cum. The problem with that is sometimes your lube may . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating For Beginners

New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

Your New Year Orgasm Denial or CumFest

New year orgasm denial agenda? What if I say you get to cum if you have been in orgasm denial for me for months. What if I just decide to tease and deny for a few more days. Do you like sexual surprises or the exact answer . . . → Read More: New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

A Giantess World

A Giantess can do pretty much anything she wants when a boy has been shrunk down. The important thing is to contain him so he can’t escape. Especially if she is going to give the 2″ man as a Christmas gift to another Mistress.

Shrinking Stones From Outer Space

This . . . → Read More: A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Control The Cock Control The Boy

Masturbation management is just a fancy word for cock control. It became popular in the 90’s when phone sex became very popular and made it’s way to the web causing a huge explosion, if you want to think of it that way. Hey hey, my my, phone sex . . . → Read More: Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock