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September 2017
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Cock Stroke Challenge: A New Standard

A Cock Stroke Boy With Tons Of Control

Cock stroke boys cum and go, but this boy sets a whole new standard. All I had to do was stay away from some trigger words such as “cunt”, “pussy”, and “snatch”. At the end of the two hours he still held up even though I . . . → Read More: Cock Stroke Challenge: A New Standard

Cock Tease Summer Affirmations Contract

Cock Tease Can Be Managed

Cock tease can be dangerous for boys going on vacation. They can pass or fail, especially if they have “marital duties”. Imagine that. A Mistress would consider marital duties in a whole different way, but most phone fantasy boys are not married to Mistresses. Tease and denial, and especially . . . → Read More: Cock Tease Summer Affirmations Contract

Ruined Orgasms 101

Let’s Ruin An Orgasm!

Today is a good day to ruin an orgasm. Tomorrow is better as I will be on to take your calls early around 9 Pacific/Az time. It is phone sex so your cooperation is necessary. If I were there with you, I would see the facial expression, the rising . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasms 101

The BDSM Barn

Western Kink

Before I get to masturbation may, western kink anyone? Matt and I went to Phoenix on Saturday night after I was done with some erotic phone entertainment and went to a brand new play club called The Barn. The Barn is a different every night club mostly featuring D.J. rave type . . . → Read More: The BDSM Barn

Add A Fetish

The Ill Fitting Cock Cage

What happens when an ill fitting chastity cage rubs you the wrong way, as in chafes an area around the balls? Unless you love CBT in a big way, you naturally take it off so it heals and you make plans for a better fitting cage. Dicks are . . . → Read More: Add A Fetish

Call Me On Mistress Day

Sorry for the late notice. Mistress Day details here.

Play With Me Tomorrow

I will be on tomorrow taking your phone fantasy call if you are so inclined. My two new chastity boys will be hanging out with me for some fun and lockup, lockdown, taking my cocks out for a little stroke . . . → Read More: Call Me On Mistress Day

Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Cumming Into The New Year

Welcome to 2017. My short vacation from blogging was filled with masturbation management research of course, oh yes, sissy training as well. We cannot forget our little sissies now can we?

Variety Is The Spice

So my little research also include experimentation with my submissive boy who hangs . . . → Read More: Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

As promised, here is your stroke to midnight audio. 2 minutes and 14 seconds, so time accordingly. Those in strict denial, too bad, not you. But all can stroke, that is if you don’t have a cock cage on. All fetishes prepare. Set the stage. Let’s finish off this year , put it . . . → Read More: Stroke And Edge To 2017 Audio

NYE Orgasm Options

Happy New Year

It’s that time of the year again, and everyone wants to cum on the stroke of midnight. I can’t be in 10 or more places at once so I have decided to make an erotic audio for you to play a few minutes before midnight. Now those of you in . . . → Read More: NYE Orgasm Options

Chastity Personal Best

It’s audio day, and what better audio to post than a boy in chastity about to be released. Here it is. Chastity training with me is always a mystery.


Three more days I get to cum

Will Mistress let me, or am I dumb

My personal best in chastity has . . . → Read More: Chastity Personal Best