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July 2018
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Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Cock management needs a strong lubricant, I prefer coconut oil for cooking and cock stroking put in a bottle labeled “The Denial Bottle” Listen to this erotic audio stroke pets and sissies:


The bottle of lubricant is rightfully named “The Denial Bottle” . Boys on orgasm denial programs, cock control, and . . . → Read More: Cock Management & Denial Bottle Audio

Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Stroker boys on the phone sex circuit call for discipline and control. Why use the term “unbroke” as one refers to a wild horse? This is how he starts, and this is why he calls for cock control. His masturbation may have taken over his life, and he needs a masturbatrix to train him . . . → Read More: Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Orgasm Denial Days Are Adding Up

Orgasm Denial Choices

Orgasm denial;  some in the chastity cage, free range, occasional denied strokers, and all the rest. No one is held above the rest. Stroking pleasure and non stroking pleasure has it’s place. FFB is now in her 105th day in chastity. Sissy donna is back in training after I dismissed her . . . → Read More: Orgasm Denial Days Are Adding Up

Body Worship Is Not Vanilla Sex

Body worship. What a confusing term this is for some. I’m running into this a lot, so I’m here to lay down the rules of what determines a body worship phone sex call. First of all the caller who wants to ravage me , eat my pussy till I explode, needs to call someone . . . → Read More: Body Worship Is Not Vanilla Sex

Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer

Advanced Cum Eating Made Easy

Advanced cum eating: a primer? That could be the shortest book written because 95% of cum eaters fail at the end of the call. Most just hang up the phone but not in a heavy handed way. Hung up in a gentle and quiet way as if to say . . . → Read More: Advanced Cum Eating: A Primer

New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

Your New Year Orgasm Denial or CumFest

New year orgasm denial agenda? What if I say you get to cum if you have been in orgasm denial for me for months. What if I just decide to tease and deny for a few more days. Do you like sexual surprises or the exact answer . . . → Read More: New Year Orgasm Denial Agenda

Merry Christmas And A Kinky New Year

Make Your Kink Plans For The New Year

I expect a very kinky new year for you all. Thanks to my wish list boys who gave me stuff, and to “The low key guy” who never forgets me on my birthday or Xmas. Whoever has a lot of money, buy me the MacBookPro please . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas And A Kinky New Year

A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

A Giantess World

A Giantess can do pretty much anything she wants when a boy has been shrunk down. The important thing is to contain him so he can’t escape. Especially if she is going to give the 2″ man as a Christmas gift to another Mistress.

Shrinking Stones From Outer Space

This . . . → Read More: A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Guided stroking with expert strokers back to back makes me think of cock stroking olympics. Who will win the gold medal…..chastity cage that is. No winners in this game as there is really no contest, except between Mistress and the boy.

In the photo are stroking tools for a good guided stroking time . . . → Read More: Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Free Stroking Grand Finale

Last Chance For Free Stroking Minutes

Free Stroking minutes tomorrow. Fifteen free, and I will be here after my morning hike at about one or two Az time. It’s been a great month and I hate to see it end.

We’ve got 2 more anniversary celebrations for you before our Anniversary month is . . . → Read More: Free Stroking Grand Finale