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May 2018
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The First Humiliation Audio…Helllllloooo Sissies….

But of course I couldnt resist but to put My sissy bois first in the humiliation audio series.


This is, of course not for every sissy. Some sissies actually hate humiliation, but some are total humiliation junkies who thrive on being laughed at and under the Femdom heel. One that comes to mind is the lovely sissy diane. OMG, you should see the tears flow while she’s on cam as I laugh at her…lol. What a little pansy!

The new yahoo messenger syncs to whatever Im listening to in i-tunes, so every now and then, I enable it so others can listen to the playlist I have on. Since odannyboy chimed in as I was playing “Sunday Morning” by the Velvet Underground, the next humiliation audio will be on small penis humiliation. What do the Velvets have to do with this? Absolutely nothing except he chimed in to tell Me he has the album in vinyl. I will prolly make a special playlist now for curious listeners. I have to warn you though, some of the stuff is a bit weird.

Anyways, sissy slut lacy has been calling every day asking if it’s Friday yet. she will be trying her luck with whoring around on Friday at that club she went to last week. Her new designer jeans are in the mail and I do hope they arrive in time. Inga called last night and we put a new spin on things. She was denied orgasm for once. I told her she did not deserve to cum and she agreed. For future reference, if you happen to agree with Me on that, that’s what will happen!


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