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May 2018
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The Humbler Is Always The Favorite

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It’s the one on the far left that is oh so popular, the good old humbler. Now why is this device so interesting to everyone? I think because its the coolest looking CBT device with locking and electro possibilities. q who has made it back is making noise about it so he will get what he needs this weekend. I have this boy until the end of the month for fun and games.


Also, q is designated to do research on new chastity devices and he found a fabulous 2 piece dick suit called ” Dickcage”. It’s a lovely design in medical grade silicone,and has different sized rings. This would be nice to wear for flying. I will have q provide the link and photo. Check Q’s blog for all the fiction he has been writing as well. No, he did not get to cum on Saturday. He’s been on a cumming marathon, now he needs to wait.


I’m looking for some new boys to train, so send in your emails. I have been getting alot of sissy bois calling in, none except for jeffie, wants chastity training. Sissies mostly don’t want cock control either. It’s mainly dressing and sometimes slutting with cum eating. Now why a boy likes the taste of cum is beyond me. Personally I don’t like the slimy texture and that icky taste. I do not swallow or give tiring blow jobs. Maybe a 3 minute tease if youre lucky. A teasing blow job is the best blow job,

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



14 comments to The Humbler Is Always The Favorite

  • david

    I love eating my cum from my wife when we are done

  • Jamie

    Well, Mistress Cassandra, I am venturing into new territory, and risky. I am gradually increasing my facial makeup at work. All week I have taken the extra time in the morning to carefully apply concealer where needed, then either liquid foundation or powder. It takes me a while to blend in the coverage so I don’t look made up. Then, just 1 coat of mascara and a light pinkish-brown eyeshadow. For my lips I’ve discovered lip shimmers by Burt’s Bees in a shade, Watermelon, that looks natural, and just a little gloss in a similar shade, also Burt’s Bees. So far no one has noticed, or at least no one has said anything to indicate they can see my makeup at either of my jobs. But I know how easy it is to get carried away, especially when I re-apply lipgloss. The risk of getting busted is so edgy & exciting. But I might also get fired, if a customer sees me and complains.

  • Jamie

    OMG you verbally humilated me so much tonight. If the women I work with ever suspected I shave my legs or wear makeup I’d never hear the end of it. All I want to do is to dress like they do with pretty makeup, nails, pedicures and cute shirts that show off my smooth legs. My ex-wife was disgusted when I confessed I had a man’s cock in my mouth. Little did she know I wore her makeup when I did it.

  • alex

    Good evening Mistress’s I am very sorry to have let you both down with my poor self control, I guess I had too much going on in my head!

  • If I can be of any help, don’t hesitate! You always have the best toys!

  • I do have to admit, once I got past my shock that he had been so disobedient in actually ALLOWING himself to lose control … I did have a rather nice giggle at the idea of his being in such a state of aroused denial. This is why extreme cock control is SO important when dealing with chastity denial.

  • alex

    Good evening Ms Cassandra,
    I hope to have to chance to participate more fully, whilst working away next month.
    Of course I am missing your control and training.

  • Jamie

    Dear Mistress Cassandra:

    I might be able to answer your question as to why sissy bois like to eat cum. I don’t care for the taste either, but that’s not why I eat cum. It’s the humiliation that drives me to lower myself as no real man would ever allow himself to go. Knowing that I am performing an act that is usually the domain of a wife or girl friend, combined with the feminine ritual of applying pretty lipstick/gloss, mascara, eyeliner and blush, after having shaved my legs and underarms…having a man’s pole to smoke is the crowning jewel of my debasement. When I’m on my knees, getting them red, bruised & skinned, I imagine how all the girls and women I’ve ever dated would react when they watched some stud plunge dick toward my gag response. The smirks of amusement, the sneers of disgust at seeing what slightly resembles a male behaving like a total screaming pansy faggot, polishing the cock of an uber-male. I’ve been informed by more than 1 man that I suck better cock than his wife or women they’ve taken to bed. Most men I blow are actually straight married guys who don’t get it at home. I’ve had some nice dicks in my mouth…one almost as big as a beer bottle, a couple as fat as cans. These are very tiring, but I can’t stop or he will pull my ear or hair, or smack my face. I’ve had facials that ruin my makeup. I’ve had cum in my eye. I’ve had girls see my skinned knees and shaved legs and look at each other going OMG! I must be such a pathetic fag.

    What do real women like you think of twinks like me?
    I look forward to reading your response. Thank you, -Sissy Boi Jamie

    • I would prolly be one of those wives, Jamie. In that case, I would keep a fag like you on tap for the husband who always wants what he can’t have. Now to answer your question, twinks like you would be blowing the husbore while I look on filing my nails and practicing my famous bitch laugh 🙂

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