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Chastity Mistress Cassandra

Submit to the total control and chastity training of The Dicktator

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Locked Cocks - Chastity Training - Keyholding
The Dicktator Enforces Chastity - Femdom stories and female domination education resources.

The Cock Lock Gallery: While you are browsing My chastity training site, make sure to view the CockLock Gallery, featuring photos of Forced Chastity Mistress Cassadra.

Bio of a Chastity Mistress: Before you decide whether you want to don a chastity device for Ms Cassandra (and of course you will decide that this is what you want), read her Bio and learn why she is the ideal chastity mistress for your chastity training needs.

Chastity and Femdom: An essay on the natural connection between female domination and male chastity

Chastity Contract: The Dicktator is very serious about chastity training. If you wish to enter into a chastity training arrangement with her, you must read and sign her Chastity Contract. Read thoroughly! Once you commit, there is no turning back.

Chastity No-Nos: Once you are in chastity, or if you are considering chastity training with the Dicktator, there are a few things you will not be allowed to do. Read this list to learn how to be a very well behaved pet to the Dicktator.

Shopping for a chastity device?: The CB3000 is one of the many chastity devices on the market for you to choose from.

Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial: The two go hand in hand, so to speak...

An Interview with the Forced Chastity Mistress: Check out Ms Ally's Blog Entry for December 13th, 2006, for an in-depth interview with the Chastity Mistress

The Forced Chastity Rules: If you are going to enter into a chatity training contract, there are a few rules you'll need to follow.

Essay: In this essay by Ms Heather, the subject of Long Term Chastity Training in monogamous couples is explored.

Prepare to have all your dreams of chastity fulfilled. No one knows exactly why men like you desire to be imprisoned in a chastity device, under the total control of a chastity mistress, permitted to orgasm only when she decides - if she decides you are permitted release at all. Who cares why, though? Ms Cassandra knows what you need, even if you don't know why, and she will guide you through the rituals and processes of chastity training, employing multiple advanced chastity training techniques, until you surrender in complete obedience. Make sure to read this site thoroughly - the Dicktator is not patient with silly questions that are already answered on her site, and when you begin your chastity training with her, she will expect that you will have read each and every word on this site. As you can well understand, she does not have time to walk you through chastity training basics - she has spent time preparing this site for you, so that when you come to her, wishing to submit to her chastity training programs, you will already be well acquainted with the basics - because you have studied this website thoroughly, and are prepared to begin your training.

To further prepare you, the Chastit Mistress has prepared some chastity training audio recordings for you, which are posted within this site. If you search carefully, you will find these audio gifts: Ms Cassandra suggests that you listen to these training audios carefully, study them, memorize them, and most importantly - obey them. You will be expected to be familiar with the chastity training audios when you first start your chastity studies with Ms Cassadra, so take heed of this advice and listen to all of the audio training lessons that are provided for you here on this website.

You will also need a chastity device for your training. There are many on the market; some are very well crafted and high quality, while some are shoddily made and more a toy than a training device. It would be wise of you to consult with the Chastity Mistress to ask her which device she would suggest for your particular needs.

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