Instant messaging is a tool for me to spot check you on your webcam or simply inquire how "my cock" is doing. Under no circumstance do you instant message me for chit chat. I always remain invisible and you always remain visible when you are signed in. In case of emergency, you are allowed to message, otherwise the best method of communication is email.

No real time sessions. Do not ask.

Do not top from the bottom. Negotiate clearly in the beginning. The orientation call in the beginning should tell me if you are truly a submissive chastity slave. I do not cater to demands, challenges, and insolence.

I do train married boys. often they are very good chastity slaves. The schedules and details must be worked out carefully, and rule #1 is please clean your hard drive. I am not here to break up marriages but to make them more interesting and to add diversion. Sometimes a wife may want to participate. I love that arrangement, however, do not manipulate your sig other to participate if she doesn't want to. Have her send an email expressing enthusiasm and her kinky willingness to explore chastity.

I do not like flakey fly by nights. I work hard to provide service. Should an emergency arise and you need to leave the program, that is acceptable as long as it doesn't become a habit. Be impeccable with your word is what I ask of you.

Lose the CB device and invest in metal. The CB device can be used for travel.

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