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I am Mistress Cassandra. I offer sessions in tease and denial, tease with release, stroking games, ruined orgasms, pass the penis circuits, and finally my specialty: enforced chastity training. I have been keyholding for seven years now and consider myself an expert in orgasm denial in chastity hardware.

I find it wise to develop a rapport with a Keyholder, so I suggest calling for a tease and denial session to get to know me as your Masturbatrix. We then can move forward into the boy toy arena of chastity with a plan. Go to my blog to the chastity manual page and answer all questions in the first part. Cut , paste and send me your application by email.

I will be your Instructress and you will be my student. My goal is to your interest with challenging assignments. Your duties will be mostly to keep me amused and happy, as chastity training amuses me beyond all. Your grades will depend on you. Consider this a specialized learning program to make you more disciplined, focused, and skilled in pleasing a woman. Prepare for milking to keep you healthy. It is proven that men who orgasm less have much more energy and focus. The more you are denied, the more submissive and agreeable you will become. You will learn respect for Femdom and will trust me as your dominant Keyholder.

My philosophy is very simple. Control the orgasm, control the boy. We will design a program according to your desires and schedule. Refer to my rules section for price and other negotiations. Some boys would rather leave negotiations all up to me, in that case, prepare. I'll observe carefully to see how much you can take. My chastity programs definitely separate the men from the sissy boys, and I do have some sissies in my stable.

If you are mostly interested in Masturbatrix sessions, I have a strict approach to cock control. I like to weave aloof and seductive sensuality into stroking sessions. I enjoy including fantasy role-play and playfulness into stroking sessions. I can be sadistic and bitchy should you prefer a stricter approach, but beware. You may be left denied unless you asked up front. I prefer stroking games, so get out your lube, dice, pearls, and any toys you have for maximum tease. Marathon edging is one of my favorite games.

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