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March 2007
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CL#24 Log , Teasing And Maybe Denying slave r

On Saturday April 7th, I was planning to go to a play party with My friend Ms.G and slave r .  W/we have decided to just have dinner and play after, as We will be experimenting with needle play, something I have never done.  Ms. G. wants to re-connect with Her inner heartless Bitch . . . → Read More: CL#24 Log , Teasing And Maybe Denying slave r

Meet Cocklocked #25

CL25 will be on a 2 month denial program.  He is picking up where tony boy left off.  He’s starting off on the hard stuff…metal.  My necklace is getting heavy.  Hopefully the keys will be here by April 7th.  I’ll be going to a play party and I love to hear those keys jingle while . . . → Read More: Meet Cocklocked #25

Meet Cocklocked #24

Mistress Cassandra,

As promised, attached is a pic of your dick locked in chastity.  I have the cb-2000 with the middle size of points of intrigue.  Like I said before, I work weekends remodelling homes, but during the week I work in an office.  I have put in an add request to you . . . → Read More: Meet Cocklocked #24

miss anna bound's Cocklock Woes and Marathon Training Progress

OK anna….it’s a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll.  I’m glad your cold is better and you’re back in the saddle again.  Here’s the last e-mail from My favorite gurl….ummmmm of the monemt that is…hahahaha….


I ran almost 3 miles today…did not want to push it seeing . . . → Read More: miss anna bound's Cocklock Woes and Marathon Training Progress

sissy charlotte Needs A Mention

Poor sissy charlotte…I have been promising and promising to post the little slut but I have been backed up and bad at blogging lately.  Her she is , and wow…nice truck , baby….I wonder if your friends know whats under those coveralls, y’all! 

I love her avatar too!!  A pink pair of panties . . . → Read More: sissy charlotte Needs A Mention

Tonight Is Blue Balls Monday

Be there …7:00 pm Pacific in the cock control chat room!

Audio Link Problems

I’m working on the audio problems that link to no bandwidth.  Ha ha, some of you lying sacks of shit said you listened to them…shame on you.  One is working now though.

anna and vodka terry

vodka terry was on the honor system since the 7th and was allowed release on Tuesday.  he is now locked in the cb2000 and I will hold the key until release on the 8th of next month (?)

And now for anna…little cheeky testy anna who will be getting testier and testier . . . → Read More: anna and vodka terry

ms marcy monroe is back

Poor sissy marcy is still suffering from that broken collarbone and can’t dress to the nines , but she was able to finally wank after 6 weeks. Talk about imposed denial which I had nothing to do with.  Some of those old blog posts will find their way here this week , especially her . . . → Read More: ms marcy monroe is back

Cocklock News…Where Have I Been


I’ve been busy unspamming and unplaigerizing My fiction blog.  If you’re a sissy boi, you may want to read it.  If you’re a sissy boi into chastity, all the better, as justin will eventually be locked up in pink silk locking , vintage, long line,etc etc etc.

anna has been sent her . . . → Read More: Cocklock News…Where Have I Been