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September 2008
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Poor Alex, More Photos To Stroke To And Not Cum

3 More Shoe Posts And…

Alex Will Be Granted The Gift

Poor alex was on the phone with Me as I published the next set of pics of Me dressed in pvc. The top pic includes My pvc trenchcoat , but it had blended in with everything. MMMMM..I think I will model . . . → Read More: Poor Alex, More Photos To Stroke To And Not Cum

Gearing Up For Dog Town Tuesday

Doggie Does Dog Town

mmmmmmmmmmm hello dahling. it looks so totally fab in it’s new Tuesday hump hump sissy bitch outfit. And hump hump it will be, as the slut will be doing a slow and sexy strip tease for anyone who views! it sounds like it is another casualty of the power . . . → Read More: Gearing Up For Dog Town Tuesday

Poor Stroke Pet Alex

The Boots Of A Total Bitch

Does Alex Wanna Cum?

Grovelling At My Feet

Coming soon. My footwear pix on this blog. stroke pet alex was allowed release Wednesday, but now denied orgasms until I get 4 pictures up, which will drive him crazy, of My beautiful feet clad in sexy footwear and stockings/pantyhose. Since I post three times a week, this can be a long wait. In the . . . → Read More: Grovelling At My Feet

Dog Cam Rescheduling

Now won’t this lovely dress go well with soon to be sissie’s pink fluffy slippers? Of course it’s unrealistic to assume one can be made into a sissy. It’s something that is acquired early in life, and all fetishes have very early memories into the hard drive of the psyche. The notion of forced . . . → Read More: Dog Cam Rescheduling

The Dog's Next Task

The Panty And Pain Collection

This photo is for stroke pet alex who was put into orgasm denial until Thursday. Originally it was nine days but will be allowed early release. Poor alex wrote:    



Ms Cassandra,

  I thought I would drop you a quick line, just to . . . → Read More: The Dog's Next Task

Total Bitch : At Your Service!!!

Nancy has been watching the whole dog4TheDicktator sideshow and said: My god you are such a bitch arent you? mmmmmmmhmmmmm..welllll…as the book goes: ” you call me a bitch like its a bad thing” lol. Nah, nancy loves it ,the silly sissy humiliatrix junkie. Nancy likes Me because I sound alot like Melissa Pentuak, . . . → Read More: Total Bitch : At Your Service!!!

A New Home For The Chaste Dog

Bonzo's New Home

Yesterday it got a fit for it’s new humiliation home , from 3:00pm pacific to when I decide to sign out of messenger. it is required to be in it’s cage while on cam everyday which all are welcome to view . it will be in sissified in panties and the . . . → Read More: A New Home For The Chaste Dog

Chaste4TheDicktator's Third Task

I was just rolling on the floor reading chasties blog. Yesterday’s humiliation task went well. I threw around worst case scenarios and went ahead anyways. I was right as usual, all was well in stroker boy hell. But I am a firm believer in the Tao, now W/we will balance with an at home task. . . . → Read More: Chaste4TheDicktator's Third Task

BDSM Fun Last Evening; Another Dog Cam Scheduled For Tuesday

Last night I went out with a Femdom friend for some fun and play at a local club. She is a huge CBT practitioner and one of her play-boys had just purchased a ball parachute with weights and a set of uretheral sounds. Like Me, She has a dozen small metal clothespins. I brought My . . . → Read More: BDSM Fun Last Evening; Another Dog Cam Scheduled For Tuesday