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June 2014
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Tickle Torture With White Cable Knit Knee Socks


Knee Sock Fetish

Knee socks are a particular fetish not often addressed. We have stocking fetishists, panty hose and foot fetishists, shoe fetishes. Pretty much everything below the crotch or knee. The more original and out there fantasy, the brighter the boy. Often the Giantess fantasies . . . → Read More: Tickle Torture With White Cable Knit Knee Socks

Crushing You Softly With My Shoe

I heard she had some hot shoes, I heard she had all styles, And so I snuck into her house to sniff them for awhile And there she was, this Mistress who shrunk me down to size, Crushing me softly with her shoes…

The Incredible Shrinking Fantasy

You know how it goes when . . . → Read More: Crushing You Softly With My Shoe

Get On Your Knees New Audio Tease

Get On Your Knees…maybe this time you get to cum???

This is a tease audio with a happy ending? Maybe. I think they are all happy if you are stroking your cock for me while I’m wearing hot leather and tall pumps that rest up against your balls, and yes, the black stockings . . . → Read More: Get On Your Knees New Audio Tease

The Sexy Sissy Walk

So smooooth!!!

The Sun Dress Saga

Last post caught fuckie fag bois’ interest, especially the sun dress. Of course it would, the pretty little sissy, flouncy, garment with slutty boy shorts underneath. As soon as she read this, the order was put in for both panties and dress. Such a good gurl to . . . → Read More: The Sexy Sissy Walk

Summertime and the Crossdressing is Easy

Sissies Summer Regalia

Dicks are pumpin’, and the sissy says “Hi.” Your cock is small, but your face is good lookin’, so hush little sissy, don’t you cry.

Sissy Apparel For The Summer

Happy summer, a time for very light crossdressing as in sun dresses, sheer pastel panties, occasional white thigh highs, and . . . → Read More: Summertime and the Crossdressing is Easy

Stroke Pets Wanted

To Earn That Orgasm!

I’m looking for major stroke pets. You see, my best boy was busted and has to be careful with his strokeage. I need boys with enough privacy to amuse me and do my bidding. I want ruined, denied, jerk off toys with a cock that needs control. Is that . . . → Read More: Stroke Pets Wanted

Femdom Runs The Show

Your Mistress Knows Best

I order you to call me today!!! It doesn’t work. It’s always best to have an agreement, but have your Femdom make the final decision once it is addressed. Got this boy who requests that I order him to call. All fine and well but life happens as in, . . . → Read More: Femdom Runs The Show

Cum For Breakfast


Cum Eating Video

After my hike this morning, I turned on the computer to check emails and found a video from blow job duty boy. Not a long video but long enough to view the slut licking up his cum off of a plate. Since he jerks off all of the time . . . → Read More: Cum For Breakfast

The Cocksucking Strap On Bi Fantasy


Do You Like To Suck Cock?

Ah yes… the bisexual cocksucking fantasy. Where does it start? The need to be a cum eater, with or without crossdressing. I told a boy today, males have a tendency towards bisexuality. It could be narcissistic, curiosity, or simply the fact that they like a big . . . → Read More: The Cocksucking Strap On Bi Fantasy

Captivity, Tumblr, and Noogleberry Tits

From the worm’s journal

Captivity Acceptance

The captivity slave , “worm,” becomes happier and more relaxed knowing it’s time to go back into confinement and chains. The handwriting is more legible, the pen strokes more relaxed, and the attitude contemplative. It is now reflecting on the joys of being in the orange jumpsuit . . . → Read More: Captivity, Tumblr, and Noogleberry Tits